Homeschool kids carnival, #17

Heyyo. It’s time for the 17th Homeschool Blogs By Kids Carnival, and guess what? I’m hosting it!

by ninahale

So here are a few summer-y tales and ideas for you:

Campfire tales . . .

You know those nights where you invite some friends over, put up a bonfire, eat hot dogs, roast marshmallows, and maybe tell some ghost stories? Well, these might not be ghost stories, but they’re just as good!

Winter Memories . . .

What about those days when it’s so hot that you wish for the cold of winter? I know I get them! Well, I may not be able to hurry up the seasons, but you can always just think of winter fun!

by mikebaird

Friendly visits . . .

What about those summer field trips? Going to friends’ houses or to museums? To water parks? To another state or country!? Well, how about going back in time with these bloggers?

Bike rides and other activities . . .

Summer is a time to be running around outside, breathing the fresh air, and playing with friends. It’s a time to be happy and active! Well, here you can find some activities to keep your heart pumping ;)!

Crafty Summer Crafts . . .

What about those rainy days? Or those days when you get sick (UGH!)? Or those days when it seems just too hot to go out? When it feels like there is nothing to do? Well here are some crafts to take your mind off moping and give you some fun!

by feeliz

Summer science . . .

What about nature? Don’t leave it out of the game! Summer is a time to go exploring in the woods to check out the animals and plants. Some nature will even come to you — I got the bug bites to prove it ;). Or you can always get colorful with chemistry, too! Check out some of these science tricks:

. . . And other fun stuff!

Then there is the miscellaneous summer stuff! Like these:


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Happy Blogging!


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