Spring. . . Or Summer/Oddities of Me

Post three of my I WILL BE A BETTER POSTER frenzy. (How long do you think this one will last? Heh heh heh)

Are we sure it’s Spring?

Seriously, over here right now it’s SO hot. If this is what it feels like in late spring, I’m scared to see summer. July and August are going be nightmares in the form of hotness. Thank goodness for swimming!

However, I prefer heat that I’ll hopefully get used to (eventually, like right before we plunge back into cold), rather than constant rain and wetness and muddiness that means I can’t ride. Of course, I’d love to have an occasional rain to keep the wild plants healthy (and the corn and all, too), and hopefully to cool things down a bit (heh, fat chance of things being cooled down).

Hopefully this heat will not help to detour me from my determinedness to be better at getting stuff done (e.g. blogging, noveling, practice programming, school, chores, basically life :P). I mean, I get detoured easily enough without it being so hot, (as most people should know from my past patches of failing to post very much).

This said . . .

My life is so odd sometimes

To start, I’ve spent today (6/7/2011) feeling kinda cold most the time. During a lethargicness session (Think I use *insert word here*ness enough? :P.) (Love the word lethargic. It describes how I act most the so well ^^. If you don’t know what it means, ask someone else or Google :P.) I actually ended up using a blanket (and fell asleep. . . *fail* :P) and I’m using a blanket right now as I write this, whenever the air conditioner comes on. Weird.

Another oddity in my life right now (this one a bit less personal), is *drum roll* *room goes dark* *movie starts*.

Me: *goes to friends house* *gets out of car*

Cicadas (Off screen): *screaming*

Me: *goes in to house*

Cicadas (O.S): *are silenced*

Door to house opens.

Cicadas (O.S): *screaming loudly again*

Scene switches to tree. There are thousands of cicadas, their scream still going strong in the background.

Me: *goes home* *stands outside*

Cicadas: *absolutely none*

Camera scans along trees, no cicadas to be seen.

*movie ends* *lights comes back on*

Basically, tons of cicadas everywhere else, but I come home and there are zilch. Nada. NONE. Weird, right? Maybe not as weird as having been constantly cold today, but still. . . Everywhere else cicadafull, and here so quiet? Not that I don’t like the quiet. That’s one of my favorite parts of country life.

*Movie starts again*

Me: *sitting in car outside a store with sis, windows open to let the air in*

Cicadas: *screaming loudly in the background*

Cicada: *flies in though open window*

Sis: *tries to chase it back out the same window*

Cicada: *flies out opposite window past me*


Scene switches to different store.

Me: *watching cicadas buzz around the parking lot* Is it a bird? A plane? No, a cicada!

*movie ends*

Here at home, I haven’t seen a SINGLE cicada, not even one of their shell thingies. So weird.

Of course, I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling slightly cold despite the heat, and my home is probably not the only cicadaless home. Still, it is odd, don’tcha think?


  1. Me: *sees cicadas everywhere* *screams hysterically* *runs inside*

    Yeah, Brood XIX seems to only hit certain areas of our town. My house is covered, but up north it’s cicadaless. Freaky. O_o And of course I’m extremely terrified of cicadas.


  2. Actually, the cicadas that are here now are 13 year ones. So no cicadas next year, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next, or the next. Hopefully.


  3. I know that, Gecko, but what I meant was the 13-year buggers around our house are apparently out of sync with the ones that are currently making your life miserable. But they will probably hatch out eventually…


  4. Oh I’m sure it will sometime, maybe our cicadas just happened to be as crazy as my family šŸ™‚ though maybe not in such a good way. . . Bleh, hate bugs.


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