Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Part 1

(I know this is how it happened, because Goldilocks told me the whole story.)

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Goldilocks. Her hair was the color of gold, and her eyes were blue.

Her father had a big ranch. His corn field was in the shape of box and was ten miles both ways. He also had a wheat field and a bean field. The wheat field was the same as the corn field, but the bean field was in a box shape, too, but only had five miles both ways, because they didn’t eat as many beans.

And there were fifty sheep, two horses, four chickens, two pigs, and four cows.

After buying all of this, there was hardly any money to spare on the wood for the house, and the tools to build the house. For they needed money left over for the plow and other tools for taking care of the crop, not to mention the tools to harvest the crop.

So they lived n a four-room cottage. The four rooms are two bedrooms, one bathroom, and one kitchen.

Then there was the barn, in which Goldy (as everybody called her) often played in.


One morning, Goldy was in a nearby woods picking berries when she saw a patch a little ways off the path, and it looked very rich, so she thought that she might pick some berries off of it. So she started toward it, but she saw some poison ivy on the easiest path to it, so took the long way to it. But she was soon lost and found herself wandering aimlessly.

And so, soon (though it seemed like a long time), she found herself in a poison ivy patch. The poison ivy patch was like a box, but one side was thinner than the other three. She was in the middle. She took one great step over the thin line and followed the path which had been formed. (For you see, poison ivy was thick on either side of her.)

After a long walk (though really a short time), Goldy came to a cottage. She knocked on the door three times, snapped her finger, and when no one answered her, she went in.

Inside, there was a table ten feet away. On it was three bowls, and coming from them was the smell of food. And at this, Goldy forgot completely that this was another person’s house, and realized how hungry she was, and went over to the table to eat, but did not sit down.

When she reached the table, she picked up the first bowl’s spoon, and with it, she took a bit of the nearest bowl’s soup. (For you see, the food in the bowls was soup.) As soon as the soup touched her lips, she dropped the spoon she was holding and went to the next bowl (for you see, the first soup had been too hot) and did the same with it as the last one. But this time, she got a bite of it, and then she dropped the spoon. It was too cold. So she went to the next bowl of soup, and did the same with it. But this time it was just right, and she ate it all up.

Next she saw three chairs and realized how tired her legs were. So she went to the first chair. It was too hard. So she went to the next chair—too soft. And then the last chair—just right!

[To be continued…]

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