How I met a cattering

This is the story of how I first met a cattering.

I was walking along in the woods one day, and I saw something move. I turned around and started home. I was pretty sure that I didn’t want to meet whatever it was. Luck wasn’t with me.

A wolf jumped out at me. I stepped back just in time to not get eaten alive right on the spot.

The wolf began to circle around me, growling angrily. Man, I was scared! As I watched, I saw that the wolf was really thin.

Just then I was saved. A flash of pink and gold came out of the sky. It was the fastest thing I ever saw. The wolf ran off with its tail between its legs.

The thing pulled to a stop in front of me. It was shaped like a cat with wings. It was pink, and the wings were gold. It was not only the fastest thing, but the most beautiful thing I ever saw.

Then it spoke. “I’m a cattering. My name is Serenity. What is your’s?”

I was about ready to run off screaming, but I answered anyway. “My name is Kitten. I’m honored to meet you.”

“And I’m honored to meet you, too.”

Soon we became great friends, and she walked with me all the way home.

That is the story of how I first met a cattering.

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