Favorite animals (Ya’ll know mine ;))

Okee-doke, I’m taking a try at *drumroll* POLLS!!!! *confetti flies everywhere*. So I decided that since ya’ll (I’m talking with a sorta western accent because I feel like it :P.) know mine I should know yours! So I have some animals that I thought were usually  pretty POP-ular. So feel free! Take a vote! And enjoy ;).

(Note: Sorry about the run over ^.^)


  1. I don’t know, Kitten, but I think you were in too much of a hurry to post your poll: you didn’t finish your sentence. “So I decided that since ya’ll…” Huh?

    Oh, and the “random” setting doesn’t work very well for this poll, since you made that funny “Other” comment. It needs to come at the end, for best effect.


  2. Nate- Chickens was mostly for Curly Ben, sort of like Lizards for Gecko, I was getting tired by then so I didn’t add that.

    Gecko- Lizards? XD

    Mom- yer right

    Me- WHOO!! Three votes for cats…. of course one of them was from me…. XD ah well.


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