Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Part 2

Soon Goldy was going up a staircase. At the top, there was two rooms. She went in the first room. There were two beds. It was then that she realized how tired she was, so she laid down in the first bed—too hard. So she went to the next bed—too soft.

So she got up and went to the next room. There was another bed in there, so she lay down on it. Ah, just right! She soon fell asleep.

After what seemed like a short time (though it was really a long time), Goldy woke up, but to what it was, was very scary. Three bears were leaning over her. She immediately screamed and rolled off the bed. Unfortunately, she rolled off the wrong side and was trapped between the bed and the wall.

Then, scaring her even more, the youngest bear said politely, “What’s your name, Madam?”

She screamed again, but then was comforted by the fact that if the bears could talk, then it must be a bad dream.

“Now, my son, don’t scare the poor child more,” said the medium-sized bear.

“Wait a minute, Tom. Aren’t you going to be late for school if you don’t leave soon?” said the big-sized bear.

“Oh, all right. But I’ll make my own lunch to eat on the way,” said the small-sized bear, whose name was obviously Tom.

So Tom left them in so-called peace.

“Now, my dear, what is your name?” said the obvious mom.

“My name is Goldilocks, but everyone calls me Goldy,” said Goldy.

“You must be dying to get back home,” said Papa Bear.

“Yes, I am, sir,” Goldy said.

“Then let me lead you to the end of the forest,” Papa Bear said.

And before she could answer him, he was leading her home. By the time they got to the end of the forest, Goldy and Papa Bear were good friends.

When she got home, Goldilocks was very hungry and tired, and her legs were sore, but she was brimming with a story to tell. And she knew it hadn’t been a bad dream at all. It hadn’t even been a dream.

One comment

  1. Hey Kitten,

    I enjoyed your Goldy story and I will be watching for more stories. So please keep writing, OK? Also I am eager to see your new kitten. Love you!


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