PussyCat Gives Birth

[The Adventures of Panther and Cimorene, Prologue]

Once upon a time, there lived a cat. Her name was PussyCat. She had a husband, and his name was Tiger. They were owned barn cats.

One day, their owners left them; they left PussyCat and Tiger plenty enough water to drink and food to eat.

As the first week went on, PussyCat got fatter and fatter. Soon, she was sure she was pregnant, so she started eating and drinking more.

At the end of the month, their owners returned, just in time to give them more food and water.

They took PussyCat to the doctor (to find out why she was so fat) and were surprised to find out that PussyCat was pregnant.

For one month with her owners, she was pregnant, but no more. At the end of two months (for her first month was without her owners), she gave birth to seven kittens. And she called the two youngest Panther and Cimorene.


  1. Thanks, Grandma! I really appreciated both of your comments. Pussy doesn’t eat Cheezburgers. Her owners put too many pickles on, so she gave them all to Tiger. Love you!


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