Backwards math

So I’m not usually really into math, but now that can just rest when it comes to this kind of math. Well, you can’t blame me — I mean I’m the one who invented it.

Basically my thing to do, in math anyway, is backwards math. It’s done down in the negatives. My mom wrote an article on how it happened, and a lot of people liked it.

Here’s a few samples of it:

-15 - -10 = -5


-6 \times -2=12

That’s the three different kinds that I know. Times (the last one) I had to learn. It’s really hard to figure out what the answer is, if you don’t know how to do it.

You can teach backwards math to your kids to see if they like it better then normal math. They probably will — though you should think about the age of your student, because Mom said that it was pre-algebra work. Though that might be why I like it, because I like algebra, too.


  1. I likekl your backwards math. (Maybe Sassy does, too–She helped me type that likekl part) I liked algebra, too, a hundred years or so ago when I was in school. Yes, they had algebra way back then, too!


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