Math games for learning Times

If your child is having problems learning multiplication, then the best way to teach them is to make it fun and to help them solve the ones they have trouble with. There’s a website you can go to that makes it fun. You still need to help them with the harder ones, and I’d be careful on the games you start them on, so that you can change the level if you need to, but it’s still very fun.

Click here to go to Interactive Games and get your kids in the times.

I liked it a ton, but stick to page 1, because the games on the other pages take you to different websites. (Though I guess you might like them, how should I know? We tried one, and it wasn’t as good, because you have to go real fast, and I don’t like games that are timed.) Hope you like it, too!


  1. Hi! I check in on your blog from time to time because I think it’s a great example for my son, who has begun working on his own blog. I have an educational blog where I collect lots of great links for learning and where students can have discussions about different topics of study. I am always scouring the internet to find more fun, educational stuff, but especially interactive activities and games. Thanks for your recommendation of the site with math games. I did check it out and besides the fact that it looks like a great site, now I also have a testimonial from someone who likes it! Thanks for your review, and I’d love to hear more of what else you enjoy using for learning. Have a great day!


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