Tons of girls

Have you ever heard There are twice as many girls as boys? Well to me it seems true, because in my co-op and our last church there were less boys than girls. For instance there are three girls zero boys in my Sewing class (Small class, huh?), and only two boys with several girls in Drama. At our old church there were usually only two or three boys in a lake of girls. I’d almost wish that my first baby was a boy so that they wouldn’t go extinct.            

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  1. Hi Kitten,
    I just tried to send a comment, but the computer erased it because I forgot to put my name in!
    Anyway, I have also heard that it is true about the ratio of girls to boys. My mother told me when I was a little girl, that in times of war, there were more boy babies born than girl babies. Maybe Mother Nature is trying to make up for the number of young men killed in war? Have you heard that before?
    Keep up the good work. Love to the family.


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