“End of the World” Update

12, 12, 12

So how is everyone? End of the world and all, tons of fun, right? Yup, I have everything set up for the zombie apocalypse already.

Unfortunately, my throat is rebelling. It’s been sore most of the morning… I REFUSE TO BE SICK AT THE END OF THE WORLD!!! Honestly, who would want to be sick at the end of the world?

Also, I finished writing The Riddle Stone Book 2 yesterday. *sigh* One day short of 12, 12, 12. If only I’d realized that yesterday and stopped myself. On a brighter note, while the zombies are busy dying in my piranha trap, I can be editing! Ho, ho ho, Merry Christmas… Yeah, I really don’t look forward to editing that much, actually…

Anyway, why is 12:12:12:12:12:12 so special? I mean, besides the end of the world and all. Last year there was an 11:11:11:11:11:11. And the year before that a 10:10:10:10:10:10. You get the picture? There’s even two 12:12:etc. in a day: one AM, one PM. Of course, this will be the last megarepetitive date for a while… *pause while I calculate*… The next one will be in just over 88 years, and 88 is a repeat number, too. Lol. But it is sadly not 88.8 years — that’d be just too hilarious.

But you realize, in 88 years (roughly) there will be a set of 12 years that all have repeat digits like today. That’s actually exactly 100 years per cycle… Lol. All the interesting things we can discover and then be like “OH! That makes total sense because…”

So yeah, end of the world, big explosion, piranhas, zombies… Why is it always zombies? There are way too many games and movies and songs and books and EVERYTHING about zombies. Maybe it’s just an apocalypse thing. Maybe next year it’ll be hippogryphs. That would be cool.

By the way, while I can’t schedule this post down to the second, I can schedule it so it’ll be posted at 12:12:12:12. So that’s cool, right?

Anyway, happy 12:12:12:12:12:12, end of the world, Merry Christmas, and all that jazz!

Unoffical Winter

The weather is chilling (sorta), the juncos are back, and the blog is a-snowing.

Literally, there is snow on the blog. I love that feature.

But the point is, it’s starting to feel a bit like winter over here in rural Illinois, so I’m asking you: What things make it winter for you?

Winter winds blowing,
It’s freezing, it’s snowing,
Next year is coming so fast.
Together we’re laughing,
Everyone ‘s shopping,
Remembering Christmases past.

So that poem was a bit rough around the edges, but hey, I’m out of practice — and poems were never my forte anyway.

Anyway, in case I don’t get a chance to say this later: Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you — wherever you are, and regardless of what holiday you celebrate this month.

P. Kitten

P.S. You can make the snow go different ways by moving your mouse.

Welcome to November

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, it’s November now, Nano time. Unfortunately I haven’t done anything. My word count is none, zilch, nada, 0. 0o0o0o0o Okay, the o looks more like a 0 than the 0, the 0 is just too round. Weird. And why was my cat crouched over and sniffing behind and possibly under my computer lap thingy, whatever it’s called. It’s like a yellow thingy that sits on your lap, that you can put your computer on. Or use as a clipboard without a clip and with a pencil holder, or whatever that thing is supposed to hold.

Anyway, completely off topic that. Let’s see if I can’t update you on some stuff. The day before yesterday was Halloween, CANDY. But I couldn’t eat some of the things I got because I have braces, that I got in like, September, and don’t think I’ve told you about yet. Hmm. But I traded that stuff away, because I was with Builder‘s family, and a couple of their friends, and people. And then I got to thinking, if I sold all the candy that I got for even just a penny, I’d be making a profit, cool huh?

Yeah, sooooooooooo. And yesterday started November, and NANOWRIMO!!! *lights flashing and opera singing*. Yeah, but right now my word count is nil, like I told you before, because I was at a friend’s house until around 2, and when we got home I fell asleep until around suppertime, and then we watched a movie. And all of this means I should really be working on my novel, but instead I’m writing this. That just goes to show how much I care about you guys, right? Or at least it shows what a procrastinator I am. Heh.

Anyway, on the subject of Nano, I might be adding some text in my sidebar that shows where I stand in comparison with my goal. So, right now it would look like this:

Nano goal: 15,000

Word count: 00,000

:P, I’d probably update it weekly or so. Maybe. You’re probably thinking I must be pretty confident to be so sure of everything and to hardly ever have any phrases like ‘maybe’ or ‘if I ever get around to it’ *that last sentence must be read with playful sarcasms, if you have any idea what I mean by that*.

Also, me and Gecko have started a new way for you to get content from us. But I’m not going say anything more, so watch Coll. Rand. for more details coming soon… maybe, sorta. Anyway, if we ever decide to announce it, you’ll hear it there first. Hmm, yay for teasers! Not really. Anyway, I guess I’ll talk to you later. Buh bye!


How many people here have heard of Pokémon? If you haven’t, you’re amazing, and go look it up :P. Anyway, there’s a certain Pokémon called Eevee that can evolve into seven different Pokémon: Flareoon, Vaporeon, Volteon, etc. etc. etc… all ending in “eon”.

Now the other month or so (XD yeah, a while back), I was chatting with Dancer Girl, I forget what about, and she accidentally typed “duneon” instead of whatever she meant to type. We both agreed that it sounded like the name of something an Eevee would evolve into (an Eeveelution).

For whatever reason, I decided right then and there that I wanted to create a Duneon. So here it is (yes, I know it’s not shaded, and that it would looked five times better if it was shaded, but I didn’t feel like shading it, and I think it came out pretty good for being done on a computer (even with a tablet) and not being shaded):


Rain ^.^

Okay, so I really should have written and posted this on Monday, however I was tired then. And as for the time in between . . . well never mind that. Anyway, Monday. So this spring it rained so much all we wanted was sunshine, then this summer it’s been hot, dry and humid. No rain at all, and what rain there was to quick to do anything except maybe make it more humid.

Monday however, there was rain. It was wonderful, of course there was some lightning, and I was outside and got wet (which is why I was tired), but oh well.

Anyway, rain came, and lately it has felt more cold than hot (yesterday I got up really early for a change, and went outside for a few minutes and it felt nice and cool. In winter it might have felt slightly warm, but after the heat we’ve been having, it felt cool.

Anyway, I’m a lot happier with the weather now. In fact if it stays like that, I think I might go take a walk tomorrow. Anyway, I need to stop rambling or I’ll get entirely off topic. Buh-bye for now! (Might write more later.)

Up-to-dateish for the summer

I’ve changed my theme (as you have probably noticed) to show that my blog is officially ready for summer.

Here’s some goals for my summer:

  • Draw a lot.
  • Write a lot, on novels and blog.
  • Probably read a lot, but that’s not really a goal. . . *cough cough*.
  • Be better at doing school work.
  • Be better at doing chores.
  • Be better at not sleeping my mornings away *heh heh*.
  • Improve riding skills.
  • Be more active and outdoorsish.
  • Swim a lot.
  • Those sort of things.

Of course, some of these things you’ve already seen to be on my to-do list from my Spring. . . Or Summer/Oddities of  me post, still this is a more official list. Let’s see how long this lasts *heh heh*.


Okay, not very imaginative title. . . anyway, so my sim is a sculptor, and she made this sculpture, and its name is funny. Why? Well, wouldn’t you find it funny if your sim’s first masterpiece sculpture (I’m pretty sure it’s her first) is a “You’ve Got a Big Head” sculpture? XD.

P.S.: It’s a sculpture of a big head, in stone ._.