About Kacey

This page is about the fictional character I made for the story My winter wonder land.

Name: Kacey Naomi Holmes. (No, she is not related to the famous Sherlock Holmes.)

Age: 15 years, birthday is April 20th.

Job: Well… Pretty much school. Might get a part time job later on.

Loves: Horses, Family, Friends.

Hates: Luke Forester and getting sick.


  1. Mother: kind, loves scrapbooking, blue eyes, long brown hair.
  2. Father: Loving, loves fixing and making things, brown eyes and brown hair.
  3. Brother: Peter, middle name is Jay, loves cats (though likes horses, too), brown mischievous-looking eyes and shaggy brown hair.


  1. Annie Day: Friendly, energetic, slightly random. Loves History, especially the American Indian parts because she also loves Indians. Hazel eyes, bright red hair.

Description: Has light blue eyes and brown hair. Skin is fair, nearly tan.

Personality: Has habit of talking about horses a lot around people, is a tom girl, loves to run around and play outside or with horse/barn toys (loves riding more, though).

Wants: To return to her old home that was a farm with a lot of — what do ya’ know? — Horses!

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