My winter wonder land

My winter wonder land (part four)

My winter wonder land…. CONTINUED!!!!!:

My brother’s secret

“WHAT!?!” My brother had just finished explaining that the door was a portal to another dimension that he had gone to and using memory, tools, etc. had made it look like their old farm. Anyone could reach the dimension as long as they went through the door.

“I know it’s hard to explain. My science teacher said it was a very difficult art. But out of your imagination you can do anything here almost. Sis, this is the chance of a lifetime. Don’t waste it. Please believe me,” pleaded my brother.

So we sat there arguing for a while. Finally I held out my hand and imagined skittles. Skittles appeared. I blinked in surprise and ate one. It was real. I blinked again. “How did you do all this?” I exclaimed.

“It’s simple: first you make a open space that someone or something can go through, a door in this case. Next you make the portal, a special dust can be added to it to make it a portal. The dust is called Memphine; it comes from deep in the earth. To get it you make a stream coming from the ocean with a stopper on the end, then you use gun powder  to attract it, then you separate the Memphine and the earth.

“Next you sprinkle the Memphine across the object and let it sink in for several days undisturbed. After that you go through and design it. However, if you make something in the dimension by mind waves, you can’t take it out or it will dissolve. Though you can take things in, and the things you took in can come out. Confusing, but you have a brilliant mind, you’ll figure it out.” He gasped for breath as he finished.

“Wow,” was the only thing I could say; he nodded.

“Come on, Sis. Let’s go explore, not that I don’t already have the place memorized,” said my brother, getting up off my old bed.


My winter wonder land (part three)

My winter wonder land…. CONTINUED (see My winter wonder land for part one, and My winter wonder land (part two) for part two):

Christmas Eve

I laughed heartily as my brother made a joke. It was Christmas Eve. My mother, my father, my brother and I were all sitting at the kitchen table eating supper; my brother, Peter, had arrived earlier that day.

I pushed my chair back from the table and looked at my mother as I said, “That was delicious.”

My mother only laughed and said, “If you think that was good, wait until you taste what I’ve got planned out for tomorrow.”

“Ooh, what is that, Mother?” said my brother, raising his eyebrow. “I can’t imagine anything better than this.” My mother merely rolled her eyes and started cleaning up.

“Come with me, Pete. I want to show you my hideout!” I said happily. I hadn’t seen my brother since the beginning of the school year. His job as a vet in New York kept him pretty busy.

I grabbed my brother’s hand and practically dragged him out to the play yard. My brother only laughed good-naturedly and said, “Okay, okay, Kacey, don’t pull my arm outta its socket. Now where’s this hideout of yours?”

I let go of him and ran to the tree house and called back to him, “Here it is. Come on up.” Then I climbed up myself. He followed, smiling.

When he saw it, he gasped, “Wow, Kacey, this is really cool, and I mean cool in both ways.” He laughed and shivered as he said it.

I smiled and also shivered, “Don’t blame me that it’s freezing. Blame the time of year and the place.” Then I scowled. “At least on the farm, we got snow along with the cold.”

Peter sighed, nodding. Then he rubbed his hand across the latch hook rug. “So this is what you did with this old thing. Beatrice looks almost as beautiful as she does in real life.”

I laughed. “Almost, but not quite. And it isn’t old. It isn’t even a year old yet! So you like my hide-out?” My eyes sparkled.

“Yeah, I love it, except for the freezing cold. I don’t mean to make the wrong impression, but let’s go in before we turn to ice-cubes and can’t open presents tomorrow.” I agreed, and we went in.


About Kacey

This page is about the fictional character I made for the story My winter wonder land.

Name: Kacey Naomi Holmes. (No, she is not related to the famous Sherlock Holmes.)

Age: 15 years, birthday is April 20th.

Job: Well… Pretty much school. Might get a part time job later on.

Loves: Horses, Family, Friends.

Hates: Luke Forester and getting sick.


  1. Mother: kind, loves scrapbooking, blue eyes, long brown hair.
  2. Father: Loving, loves fixing and making things, brown eyes and brown hair.
  3. Brother: Peter, middle name is Jay, loves cats (though likes horses, too), brown mischievous-looking eyes and shaggy brown hair.


  1. Annie Day: Friendly, energetic, slightly random. Loves History, especially the American Indian parts because she also loves Indians. Hazel eyes, bright red hair.

Description: Has light blue eyes and brown hair. Skin is fair, nearly tan.

Personality: Has habit of talking about horses a lot around people, is a tom girl, loves to run around and play outside or with horse/barn toys (loves riding more, though).

Wants: To return to her old home that was a farm with a lot of — what do ya’ know? — Horses!

My winter wonderland (part two)

My winter wonderland… CONTINUED (Read My winter wonderland for part one):


I poked at my food. Across from me sat Luke, to my right at the head of the table was my father, and to my left at the foot of the table was my mother.

I was thinking about what had happened earlier when my father had told me that Luke was coming over. I had nearly lost my balance and fell off the bed by twisting around and sitting straight up at nearly the speed of light.

After that I had asked my father if there was no other way. He had said that my mother was planning a family supper and that Luke’s parents wanted a night together, and so the only course of action that would at least somewhat grant both of these wishes was for Luke to come over.

I asked if Lucille, Luke’s younger sister, would be coming over, too; my father had said that she was going over to a friend’s house for the night anyway. I asked why Luke couldn’t go over to a friend’s house, too. My father had replied sharply, “We are friends. And this conversation is over, Kacey.”

We had sat there looking at each other in silence for a while. Finally my father said softly, “I know you two don’t get along, but he really is a nice boy once you get to know him. So please, please, try and get along for just tonight.” I had sighed and nodded.

“Kacey, de—” my mother said, pulling up short on the dear when she saw the look I shot at her. I saw Luke snicker quietly. I think my mother did, too, for she tried again: “Kacey, aren’t you hungry? You’ve hardly eaten a bite.”

I thought about it. No, I didn’t want to eat with Luke, but I was hungry. Finally I said, “I’m fine Mom, really. I just was thinking about…” I paused, and my mother nodded encouragingly. “About today.” (more…)

My winter wonder land

This is a small story for horse and/or fantasy lovers. Though it’s not a true story, I will be writing it in first person. It is about a town girl with a country gal’s heart. ENJOY:


I ran across the street still looking from side to side. My backpack bounced on my back making a uncomfortable feeling.

One of my feet landed on the side walk. I bounced, and my other foot joined it. I turned left and ran down the street. As I was about to turn into my house’s yard an icy snowball hit me. Again? How many snowballs does this guy got stored away in that freezer of his? I whirled and glared at the short blond boy standing behind me. “Cut it out, Luke! Or I’ll tell your Mom.”

Luke is the ten-year-old, short, blond-haired boy that lives next door to me. Luke, you see, had made several snowballs last time it snowed and put them in the freezer. This had: one, frozen them together so they didn’t crumble easily; two, made them icy and so sting more; and three, meant that there didn’t need to be snow on the ground for Luke to have a “snowball fight” with me. Not that they are very good snowball fights, because he is the only one with snowballs.

“Oh I’m so scared,” said Luke sarcastically. “My Mom is the one who let me save some snow balls, so you can threaten me all you want and I won’t care.”

“Ah, but does she know that every day when I get back from school, you throw one at me? And does she know that you are annoying me by it? And if all else fails, I’ll get my Mom to ask your Mom to make you stop,” I challenged.

“Humph, good luck with that, Kacey.” Luke shrugged and went back to his house. (more…)