How my name nearly changed… the spiced-up version :P

Okay, we’re back. Now this is the non-true, spiced-up version of how my name nearly changed:

Pembroke Castle 1 by Athena's Pix (In Ireland for Easter)

I, Princess Kitten of… erm… I don’t know… Kitten’s Purring? Anyway, back to the story:

I, Princess Kitten of the land of Kitten’s Purring, was walking along a street observing my kingdom.

Now I was the Princess of this land. But there was no king or queen, prince or other princess. I was feeling very lonely.

Now of course I had my subjects, but they always talk about the same thing. And they don’t really let you talk back. Once I found one that did talk back… It didn’t go well. He was after all half crazy… or was it just his randomness? Read more about that encounter in “Spam (this is a random….).”

So anyway, after a while you memorize each subject’s story/conversation/whatever you wanna call it, and he or she gets boring… And I get bored with them faster than most people.

So I decided I would write a letter to a friend of mine, Climbing Gecko from the land of Intellectual Ramblings. So I tramped up to my room and pulled out my quill and some paper and started to write. But then I didn’t know what to write, so I decided I would pay his land a visit so I would know what to say.

So I got in my traveling clothes, petted (yes, I know that’s the wrong word) my kitties and my white tiger and started off, leaving my white tiger in charge.

My plain brown T-shirt, blue jeans, and tennis shoes, twisted and flapped in the wind. I stopped next to the stables and grabbed my favorite stallion. He was a smooth coated brown Arabian named Elementary.

I saddled him up and started off, taking my time. We walked out through the city gates and down the long stone pathway that went between two mountains. It weaved and twisted, and I listened to the steady Clop clop of Elementary’s hooves against the stones.

Tea Mountain: Path by Jakob Montrasio

Now it was still kinda cold, and dark gray thunder clouds covered the sky. I was able to keep things bright and cheerful in my land, but outside of it was a whole different matter.

Finally we emerged into an elegant green plain and farm land with rolling hills. I took a deep breath of the wet air; wet air could also be called humid air, you know [random science fact].

We trotted for a while, then it happened!

[to be continued… in Pt 2]


  1. That looks like a beautiful place for a ride! I wonder, though, if the steps would confuse or scare the horse.

    And now how many stories does this make that you have going at once? You obviously have a younger and more flexible mind than I do!


  2. Mom, um… On just my blog or the novels I’m writing, too?

    First Nate, I’ll try and get it up quickly, though I have a couple other next-parts of other stories to be getting up, too…

    Speaking of which the whole reader world should know that I’ll soon have the next winter land one up, I hope.


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