Spring 2010

In some ways I’m happy that spring’s here, and in others I am not.

Next Thursday is the culmination for this year’s co-op session, and it won’t start up again until fall! This means that there are some of my friends I won’t be able to actually see face to face until then.

But spring also brings good news! Flowers are growing, birds singing, color has returned to the world! Though I’m beginning to wonder if we have a little too much green… πŸ˜› just joking!

Also coming with spring is swimming! Once it warms up a bit, maybe my family can get out our pool. And since I’m going to start running, it will be great to take a run then jump in the pool for a cool, relaxing, swim!

All in all, spring is my favorite season, and I’m excited that it’s here (I know, I’m a bit late :P). I mean, can’t you tell I like it a lot just by my new springy header? Oh wait, that’s because I make this blog’s themes seasonal :P. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the new spring season wherever you are :D!


  1. D: Not coming back?! But who is going give us our assignments like: Favorite dessert? That was one of the best parts! (No offense meant, Mom.)


  2. I love Spring, too. Our plantings from last fall are looking good. The lilacs smell sooooo good! We have some garden started. We planted lettuce and radishes, and hope to put in tomatoes, cukes, and zucchini soon. Our strawberries and rhubarb are looking good. The asparagus will wait till next year to be eaten. Why don’t you come see us?


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