My winter wonder land (part four)

My winter wonder land…. CONTINUED!!!!!:

My brother’s secret

“WHAT!?!” My brother had just finished explaining that the door was a portal to another dimension that he had gone to and using memory, tools, etc. had made it look like their old farm. Anyone could reach the dimension as long as they went through the door.

“I know it’s hard to explain. My science teacher said it was a very difficult art. But out of your imagination you can do anything here almost. Sis, this is the chance of a lifetime. Don’t waste it. Please believe me,” pleaded my brother.

So we sat there arguing for a while. Finally I held out my hand and imagined skittles. Skittles appeared. I blinked in surprise and ate one. It was real. I blinked again. “How did you do all this?” I exclaimed.

“It’s simple: first you make a open space that someone or something can go through, a door in this case. Next you make the portal, a special dust can be added to it to make it a portal. The dust is called Memphine; it comes from deep in the earth. To get it you make a stream coming from the ocean with a stopper on the end, then you use gun powder  to attract it, then you separate the Memphine and the earth.

“Next you sprinkle the Memphine across the object and let it sink in for several days undisturbed. After that you go through and design it. However, if you make something in the dimension by mind waves, you can’t take it out or it will dissolve. Though you can take things in, and the things you took in can come out. Confusing, but you have a brilliant mind, you’ll figure it out.” He gasped for breath as he finished.

“Wow,” was the only thing I could say; he nodded.

“Come on, Sis. Let’s go explore, not that I don’t already have the place memorized,” said my brother, getting up off my old bed.

Editing Mind-waves

“Okee-doke, Sissy. That’s that, now for a trip to the horses!!” said Peter. We had just come out of the  medical barn. “Let’s see how you fancy a ride on old Beatrice!”

“SHE ISN’T OLD!” I said scoldingly, yet with a edge of laughing. “Though I reckon I do miss trail riding with you,” I added, smiling widely.

The stables were tall and had red-brown (from slight rust) with red tiled roof. I scuffed the ground thinking how nice it would be if it was covered with snow. I thought of a nice winter day, and shut my eyes smiling at the thought.

“Yo, Sis, nice effect! Shoulda thought of it myself really,” Peter’s voice broke into my thought. “But I think you miss-imagined the work shed. More like, hmm… this!”

I opened my eyes, and the world was just as I imagined it, only the work shed was flickering and changing. Then it stopped, and my brother spoke again: “That’s more like it!”

“I… I did that?”

“Except the shed, and I just betterized that.”

I laughed out loud. “Betterized? Nice new word.”

“Thanks!” he replied, grinning. He winked at me, and I winked back. “Now, weren’t we were going to take a ride?” he asked. “Race you to the barn!” He shouted a second before he started. The snow jumped aside, clearing his path as he ran.

“CHEATER!” I shouted at him as I also started running. I shut my eyes and tried to think of a mountain-sized pile of snow falling on him. I heard a roar, and when I opened my eyes the snow was flickering, and I sometimes saw him laying on his stomach, on the ground, then the snow would flicker back.

I laughed and waved at him. “Adios, cat lover.” Then continued on my way to the barn.

Suddenly a big fleshy hand came out of nowhere and grabbed me. I shrieked, then glared at it, instantly it became a pile of dust, then snow. I glanced at the barn, and then I had an idea!

Shutting my eyes I imagined the barn spinning around, shooting up out of site then two exact barns coming down right next to each other, each exactly the same. Now only I could really know which was real… Right?

But I knew also he would just follow me, then when he was sure where I was going he’d just run ahead of me.

Suddenly I switched off the run at the false barn. As soon as he got ahead of me I’d take a final sprint to the finish line (a.k.a the real barn) and be victorious! Somehow, races were a lot funner when you can edit your surroundings.

The plan seemed to work for a few minutes. But as he ran past me a pillar of snow appeared and I ran right smack into it. I stumbled back and fell onto the ground. I shook myself then looked up, my brother was almost to the real barn! Or was it the fake?

I began to get worried. I shook myself several times, got up and looked ahead. No, he had just left the fake barn and was now headed for the real one. I slowly shut my eyes….

When I opened them again he was on the ground blindfolded and tied in ropes, and beside me was a motorcycle. Turned out races were easier when you could edit your surroundings too!

I hopped on the motorcycle and went on over faster than I ever went before and was there in a second.

On my arrival, I made the motorcycle disappear and turned to Peter. He was standing, with his ridiculous grin, on the earth of the real barn.

“Wha? Huh? But how!?” I glared at him.

“All in the mind waves, Sis, all in the mind waves.” He winked at me. “Now, Kacey my friend, how ’bout a ride?” And I couldn’t say no.

Riding Mind-waves

The barn was filled with horses.  There were even some foals and ponies! I glanced at one little bay Arabian colt who seemed about ready to stop being called “colt” and start being called full-grown. His black eyes glinted, and he had a little, off-white star on his forehead. I couldn’t help but smile.

Somehow I remembered him from the old days. His name was Elementary, a pure-bred Arabian colt. He’d been so small back then!

Soon we were tacked up, me on Beatrice and Peter on Jinks, a mischievous horse that had long white stockings against a pure black coat. He also had a long blaze of white. He and Peter had kicked off real well; in truth they were the perfect match for each other.

“You know it will be nice being able to see you more often. Might even introduce you to my gal,” said Peter, ducking as he rode out the door.

I lead Beatrice after them and mounted after I got outside. “What do you mean by that? The seeing me more often, not the meeting your gal part. Though I didn’t know you had a gal.”

Peter glanced at me as he went towards the trails. “I made another entrance to here. I come through my own room, of course. Very difficult, and I only just got it finished before I had to wrap my present.”

I laughed. “If anyone could do it, you could! Now, how ’bout we do the Cappawatee trail. Beatrice always loved that one.”

So we started off along a brisk forest trail that was clear and easy to do. This was a beginner’s trail, but it had always been Beatrice’s favorite. Once Peter even nicknamed it “Bea’s trail”.

Riding a mind-wave made horse was even cooler than riding a real one. Beatrice had never been one for jumping — that’s why she liked the Cappawatee trail. But now it was like there was a force field around the path, no rabbits or other small mammals to scare the horses; no fallen trees to jump. It was perfect.

We went through our paces, switched who was in front and who was in back, and drilled each other on horse safety (don’t know how my brother could think I would forget anything). Once we stopped long enough for me to do up the old tree house I’d built along the trail. “I left it for you, since I’ve never been inside it,” he had said as an explanation to its non-existence. Somehow I suspected he had.

Finally we had to put the horses up. I sighed as we washed our hands off at the trough, then again in the house. Then we went through the portal in my room and were back to reality, where we were greeted happily by Honey, the puppy.

[To be continued . . .]

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