How my name nearly changed, the spiced-up version. Pt 2

The continuation of  How my name nearly changed… the spiced-up version 😛

Now mountain ogres have very poor aim, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t sometimes get a throw in… and when they do, you’d better hope you have paid all your debts and stuff.

My monster by srogan

As the boulders started coming in around me, it took only a glance to affirm my fear. I was under a mountain ogre attack. There were about ten of them, the normal size for an ogre clan.

I spurred Elementary into motion. He reared and ran forward with a burst of speed. As he ran, I turned and loosened my bow from its resting place, notched an arrow, and let fly with a loud TWANG.

It landed in one of the ogres armpit, on a small flap of tender skin. It roared and ran aimlessly away, upsetting the others as it went. I sent many other arrows flying at other various soft spots, which slowed the rain of boulders and sent them one by one, running for home.

When I finally got out of range (which took awhile since ogres can throw boulders very far), I was low on arrows. But that didn’t matter much. I still had my sword and several darts if needed.

We resumed our steady, trotting pace. The clip clop of Elementary’s hooves against the stone road calmed me. It was smooth plains the rest the way to the land of Intellectual Ramblings.

Once there, I looked around and talked to Climbing Gecko’s subjects, though I didn’t see him anywhere. The ride home was uneventful.

When I got home, it turned out that my talking white tiger had tried to teach all my other cats how to speak, so they crowded around me shouting “Kitteb! Kitteb!” until I shooed them away so I could write my letter to Climbing Gecko. But as I was writing, I accidentally put Kitteb down instead of Kitten! But I remembered it right before I mailed it and ripped off the envelope to change it.

It was a close call, but I did NOT let my name go out as Kitteb. After that, I taught my cats and kittens the proper way to speak.


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