The kitten’s been purring for three years

WOO!!!!! I, Princess Kitten, have now been blogging for three years (a little more, as I didn’t make my blog and my post of “hello world” at exactly 8:37, and that is the time I’m posting this ;)).

Here are some other anniversaries (most probably not today) that you may celebrate:

  • Jesus Christ being born (many people celebrate Christmas, even if they aren’t Christian).
  • Your birthday.
  • Fellow family members’ birthdays.
  • Friends’ birthdays.
  • Jesus Christ coming back to life (many people celebrate Easter, even if they aren’t Christian).
  • Our country’s freedom (July 4th).
  • And a married couple celebrate their wedding anniversary.

What other holidays/anniversaries do you celebrate?

Well, anyways: I hope you stay with my blog through the ups and downs (writer’s block/not paying attention to my blog/only being able to think of boring ideas, and floods of ideas that I somehow get all/most of out to you, my readers) for many years to come!


  1. That’s… a VERY long time. I’ve known you for, what, 3 years as well, and before January you never told me you had a blog! Well, anyways, happy blogiversary! Cheese tacos(inside joke),



  2. Thanks for the comments people! 😀

    @ Gecko: Hehe, I was just trying to remember how long I’ve known you a while ago XD. Yeah, I guess it, I dunno… oh well, better late then never! And shouldn’t you be saying steaks and my cheese tacos? Oh well, steaks!(Inside joke) 😉


  3. I enjoy your blogs. Keep on blogging, OK? Happy anniversary! I shoulda baked a cake or at least (or even better) brownies!


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