WOO! LET’S GET THIS PARTY ON THE ROAD AND ROLLING! YEAH! Uh. . . one moment, what party were we talking about? Let’s try this again:

When the world explodes, it was not my fault. Yes, I have foretold the world exploding, but it was not my fault.

Okay, lets chase to the cut! Er, cut to the chase. Did I mention cake? No I didn’t, good, because there is none, mwahaha! THERE IS NO CAKE!

Gecko, you’re rubbing off on me.

So, what was the point of this post again? Oh yeah, there was none! CAKE CAKE CAKE! NOM NOM NOM! Oh yeah, no cake. Um. . . Okay, that failed.

I have to write three 6-12 sentence long paragraphs for writing class, fun. Heh heh.

This was my randomist post yet, I think. HAHA! This is my 58th post, so Gecko, now you know how many posts I have. And I shall soon have more *bows and exits*

Wedding cake

Image via Wikipedia

Oh look, there was cake. . . Heheh. . . yeah. . . about that, uh. . . Don’t get angry. Aah! No! *runs away from angry mob*.

[I did not bother to spell check this :P]


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