Astronomy Jamboree

It was cold and windy, end of story. But at least it wasn’t wet. It only rained a few drops — and the clouds eventually cleared off, though at the start it was really cloudy.

I learned a few different things:

  • Those awesome pictures you see of different nebulae, you don’t just take them through a stronger telescope, you actually have to have a telescope with a motor so it can track what it’s taking a picture of, so you can tape the camera on so the camera can take pictures of it for several minutes. It can take HOURS!
  • The best picture we have of Pluto is actually very foggy and horrible. The pictures that are clear are actually an artist’s interpretation.
  • The Star Gazer guy, Jack Horkheimer, died this past August.
  • Star Gazer started out as Star Hustler, but then came the internet and search engines and. . . yeah.
  • And much, much more.

So, all in all, DESPITE THE COLD, it was REALLY fun!


  1. Hello Kitten

    I am a teacher from Sydney Australia and enjoyed reading this post.

    That is so interesting – that to take photographs of nebulae you need a telescope with a motor. Distance is an amazing concept, and people’s minds are amazing too – to take a problem and work on it until it’s solved.

    An astronomy jamboree sounds like a lot of fun – you are lucky to have attended one AND to have had so much fun too 🙂



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