Why To Homeschool

So, if you remember my 2013 post I mentioned one of the things I was planning on posting about was *dun dun dun* SCHOOL-STUFF!

So, I decided to start out with… WHY home school? There are reasons to and not to home school. I personally love home-edjumication, and it works great for our family (and there are so many fun ways to say it!), but I have known one person who wished she wasn’t homeschooled. And I’ll get to that later. First…


22 Is 3 times 7 plus 1

22 happens to also be the number of Homeschool Kids Carnivals that have now taken place! So check out the latest one here.

Homeschool Kids Carnival

Posts from from both Climbing Gecko and me are included,  as well as many from other good bloggers.

Some serious updating

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, UPDATES!

Sorry, I’ll have to put you on hold

Not you guys!  No, it’s time I got my blog off hold, and onto go. What’s going on hold is my website programming. Why? I’ll tell you why: I need to wait for a book I ordered to come in, so I’m not going work much on making sites until that happens.

So, what am I doing in the meantime? I’m going into game programming =P. Right now I’m trying to learn about making a text game with a Qbasic type of thing.

I have a sort of storyline in mind, but I need to figure out how to do some stuff (like how to have gold, or show an inventory, and what not). That’s all I can really say right now.

Ugh, this blog is drifting

I’m going try and work on my stories more today. Tomorrow might be dedicated to my programming (see above), but I’ll work hard today and try to at least have some story to schedule for tomorrow.

I know that most of my latest posts have been more updatish than storyish, but hang with me, I’m trying get back in gear. It doesn’t help that I’ve taken an interest in drawing. (I actually drew something kinda nice looking, which I’ll try and upload when it’s finished.) And I’m constantly having story ideas.

Oh well, I guess I just need to direct some of those story ideas to my blog. Stories going on hold (meaning I’ll work on them later) are:

The end of Global Warming and The adventures of Panther and Cimorene. I will be concentrating on My winter wonder land for tomorrow’s post.

Grr, I hate the wet

Okay, so we just got over a cold spell over here, and it was starting to warm up, AND THEN THE BLASTED RAIN HAD TO COME! I’ve been trying to plan a sleepover with a couple friends of mine, and I was waiting for the weather to warm up enough for us to go riding.

First it was too cold to go riding, now it’s too wet and muddy to go riding! Plus, if spring really is rolling around, we tend to get flooded about then, flooding = wet = muddy = no riding.

Get my drift? GO AWAY YOU RAIN !

Well, that’s all I got now, until next time! (Note, this is not an edited post. I wanted to get it out today, so I don’t really have time to get it edited. I’ll try and get it edited soon!)

New adventures

I have decided to set off on a journey: *speaking in solemn voice* the journey of website programming *ends solemn tone*.

I doubt it will go very fast, but I think this one might last because:

  1. In the past I have been curious about HTML.
  2. I’ve got some books coming, so I’ll be able to start learning soonish, which will probably keep me interested.
  3. Also, I’m doing this as an extra in school, so it won’t be like I have to do it. This gives me more freedom on it, which in turn means I maybe won’t feel like it’s too much.

Hopefully I’ll someday be able to make an interactive website, but that’s far off in the future. By the time I do that, you might have forgotten all about me learning website making.

Okay, that’s all for this post! Posting again soon (I hope)!


At a little over five thousand words, with ten days left to go, and a goal of 15,000, I’m going all out. In order to reach my goal in time, I’ll have to write an average of 1,000 a day, about a chapters worth. This said, I’ll be unable to post much on my blog, sadly :'(.

Also, co-op comes to an end this Monday, and I need to finish proof reading my essay. Yet another reason I wont be posting much.

And last but not least, I need to edit my other book so I can publish it. However this shall be put off until the end of NanoWrimo.

So sorry if not many posts are appearing on my blog lately! And by the way, CG, if you’re reading this: I recommend lowering your word count, then writing like crazy, and forgeting about sims. Sims can wait, it wont die if you leave it alone for three minutes, your book however. . .

Edit: Join NaNoWriMo Young Writer’s Program and compete next year here!

What you’re thinking: “About time, Kitten!”

*Much shrinking from angry crowd* I know, I know. I haven’t written in ages. All my fault, really sorry. I’ll try to be better. Please forgive me. *Ends angry crowd scene*

*Much crying* Monday Fun Classes are about to end. *wipes away tears* It’s been fun, but there’s only a few weeks left until Culmination. Our Anatomy and Physiology class isn’t doing anything, but the blogging class is going to display a post from each blog, and everyone in the writing class is doing an essay.

After the Culmination I might re-post/post a link to the post and put up my essay. Of course, if I don’t manage to finish the essay on time, I might have to re-post it later so that you can see the finished version.

*switches accent* If any of y’all readers wanna recommend a post ta show, feel free ta comment all yer recommendations, jus’ keep in mind no long’uns like My Winter Wonder Land. *Ends accent*

Random facts:

  • My essay is about character making (as in fiction story characters).
  • -2 + -3 = -5
  • -2 – -3 = 1
  • -2 x -3 = 6
  • -4/-2 = 2
  • Today we talked about nerves in our Anatomy and Physiology class.
  • Jack climbed up the beanstalk.
  • I’m getting really off subject (as you may have noticed).
  • And *drum roll* Not only am I slipping up on my blog, but also my NaNoWriMo book! (So don’t think that only you blog readers are being completely and utterly ignored.)

Astronomy Jamboree

It was cold and windy, end of story. But at least it wasn’t wet. It only rained a few drops — and the clouds eventually cleared off, though at the start it was really cloudy.

I learned a few different things:

  • Those awesome pictures you see of different nebulae, you don’t just take them through a stronger telescope, you actually have to have a telescope with a motor so it can track what it’s taking a picture of, so you can tape the camera on so the camera can take pictures of it for several minutes. It can take HOURS!
  • The best picture we have of Pluto is actually very foggy and horrible. The pictures that are clear are actually an artist’s interpretation.
  • The Star Gazer guy, Jack Horkheimer, died this past August.
  • Star Gazer started out as Star Hustler, but then came the internet and search engines and. . . yeah.
  • And much, much more.

So, all in all, DESPITE THE COLD, it was REALLY fun!