Halloween was two things: Halloween and cold. And of the two costumes I had to pick from, it was he one with short sleeves that fit.

For Halloween I went over the Brix’n’pieces house to go to a sleepover and their Halloween party. After I got there I walked around and played with their kitties (they are so cute) until they started getting into costume and I started watching. Here’s most the costumes:

Brix’n’pieces: Rapper.

B’n’P’s brother: Rocker.

B’n’P’s Sister: Black cat (Her hair was CRAZY!).

B’n’P’s Mom: A Hippy.

B’n’P’s Dad: As himself in the ’80’s.

Dancergirl: A baseball player.

Me: A person from India.

Other assorted costumes: Mad scientist (she even had a vial of eyeballs), three vampires (two were parents),  a princess, and something with a mask and butcher knife.

The scientist lost her eyeballs, which I found and decided it was fun to say, “I found de eyeballz!” Because I am random and crazy like that.

After we trick or treated we had some desert and candy, then we went in and did pictures. Unfortunately two of the vampires, the princess, and the boy with the mask and butcher knife had already left.

After pictures and some candy trading we played some guitar hero, taking turns (I was horrible at all the rolls (guitar, drums, and singing)). Sadly the remaining vampire and the scientist had to leave before they got a turn.

After a while we switched to Rock Band, I did a LOT better.

We played that for a while but then Dancer Girl had to leave, so we bedded down for the night.

The next morning was mostly us getting ready for co-op.

(Yes, I know this is really late, but I sort of forgot it was in the drafts. . . And this isn’t edited because I wanted to get it out, I’ll try and get my mom to edit it later.)


  1. Hi. I’m Connor From Mrs.Braidwood’s class. Someone was a rocket ship? By that do you mean a rocket ship that goes into space? I was a Zombie for Halloween. It wasn’t very cold here. Instead it just rained all night. That didn’t make it very fun because you got really wet and it wrecked some of my costume.

    You mentioned your friend had cats. What types of cats does he or she have?


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