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Feliz Años Nuevo!

I hope you all had a good week between Christmas and the New Year, and that those who are in school are enjoying their break. I am, but I’m also excited for school to start again. Did I ever mention that I started college classes? I’m still a technically a senior in high school, but I started dual credit classes at a community college this past fall.

My first semester went well, and I enjoyed my classes. That said, I’m not excited because I feel prepared for the next semester. In fact, I wouldn’t mind if the next couple weeks set their heels in the ground and dragged their feet all the way till the first day. But at the same time, there are things I did poorly last semester that I’m looking forward to improving.

Call it New Year’s optimism.

Because New Year’s Day is just the day when you shake off last year’s mistakes, wipe the slate clean so to speak, and start over. Or at least, try your hardest for two weeks before things go back to normal.

And one thing I want to clean up is my blog. I haven’t paid it much attention the past few years. And, even though I probably won’t be writing regular posts (besides continuing to post chapters of Banished), I feel it’s time to do some tidying up. Which mostly just means I’ll be finding a new theme over the next couple days and updating my About Me section (it’s going on four years old!), so don’t be surprised if things look different the next time you stop by.

Also, I plan to read 100 books in 2017. And to keep myself accountable (and to keep track of what I’ve read), I’ll be making short blog posts about each one. These won’t be full reviews, just comments on what stood out to me.

Other things to look forward to this year: Banished will continue to release weekly until it’s entirely on the blog, which will finish in late March (assuming I can count weeks), at which point I might take a short break before I start releasing Hunted. And while I’m not sure I’ll get it out before Banished finishes its run, you can expect the fourth and final Riddled Stone book to hit Amazon this spring.

I’m not sure what I’ll do once I finish the Riddled Stone series. Probably take a long nap.

Anyway, happy New Year!

Windows 8: Better or Worse?

So I semi-recently (as in a few weeks ago) bought myself a big, fancy, Windows 8 computer. And I was thinking: “Hey, why not talk about Windows 8 and my thoughts on it for a desktop?”

So this is my semi-review, semi-tutorial (basically, some brief instructions on the things I had the hardest time figuring out).

Why Not Buy It?

Let’s start by covering the cons of a Windows 8. Firstly (and mainly) Windows 8 would not be nearly as fun without touch, and there aren’t that many good touch screens for it yet. When I was shopping, the two monitors I ended up coming down to were an Acer and a Dell.

I bought the Dell. Why? Because from what I’d read online, the Acer had a poor quality control, and if you got a bad apple, it was nigh impossible to get it replaced/fixed. The Dell was practically equal in every way: 23 inch, ten touch, etc., etc. The two main differences were: The Dell has a lower contrast ratio than the Acer, and a better tilt. The Dell screen can go from ten degrees forward to completely flat. I’m not kidding. The Acer had a better contrast, but couldn’t even get up to 90 degrees (straight up and down).

Of course, a touch screen is not absolutely required for using Windows 8 — in fact, sometimes I prefer using the mouse. But admit it: it’s really, really, really fun to swipe your finger across the screen and watch things go flying by.

The most annoying thing I’ve encountered so far is that practically all the apps my computer came with (including Skype) need a Microsoft account. It’s not so bad, but that is my biggest dislike. Though, I suppose, it’s easier than making different passwords for everything. And it probably makes more sense on a tablet. So yeah… not really a biggie.

Anyway, now I shall mention the really nice features of Windows 8, and why it is cool:


Here’s to 2013

It is 2013. For some reason, people think this year is going be really good… or something (maybe it’s a post-(fail)apocalypse thing). Well, in that spirit, I’m making this post. First, let’s take a look at years past, shall we?


GAHGEESHGAROO! (That should be some type of animal… *strokes imaginary beard*…) I just realized I missed my 2012 blogiversary… which mean I’ve now been blogging 5.5 years………… *turns inside out and then explodes*. FIVE AND A HALF YEARS? It feels closer to three and a half… Ah well, let’s look at what I have to show for my five and a half years.

Posts: Counting this one? 111. A cool number, granted, but…. Really? Only 111??? That’s like… 20 posts per year!

Comments: 345 goodies, (again a cool number) and 3,645 spammies.

Subscribers/Followers: 7ish. Mostly family and friends.

My biggest categories are:

  1. Stories, at 25
  2. Blogging, at 21
  3. Miscellaneous, at 20

So, yeah… That’s all I have to show for the first 5.5 years, but what comes next?


Christmas 2012

Well, the end of a world was a big flop. No zombies, no aliens, no nothing! Not even the meteor shower that I was so looking forward to! 😦 This disappoints me very much.

On a brighter note, it’s Christmas! And this is a Christmas post! And sooooooooooooooooooooo:

How is/was your Christmas? Or whatever you celebrate. This year, as always, we had lots of food. Some of it we gave nick-names like “Beam-me-up-Scottie” (biscotti) and “Iced muffins”. Long story.

Here’s some of my presents:

  • A logic puzzle book thing
  • A coffee mug and yummy-looking chocolate mixes
  • Panera gift card
  • The Hunger Games (movie)
  • X-Men Destiny for the WII
  • And a couple other things

So, that’s all good and fun. And I vote that the game means I get to play on the WII today… Right?

What type of things did you get? I’m going to stuff myself with nuts, and put my things away, and then I’m going to think about writing a Christmas story. I have an IDEA… it’s just not complete yet. So I may or may not do it.

Also I have some pictures of Cimorene that I might put up sometime soon.

So, yeah, that was my Christmas, ttyl!

P.S. This might be my first ever Christmas Post that is actually posted on Christmas! Lol

100th Post, Writing, Nano, and Badges

Okay, I’m going to rush-talk cause I have a lotish to talk about. Ooh, lotish, that sounds interesting, LOTISH! XD Lottish is probably how you’d really spell it. Anyway, what I was going talk about:


Joking, I’m not going to rush through it that much. Anyway, so this is my hundredth post. Awesome, huh? Yeah, I feel so…. so…. okay, I got nothing. But I have some cool stuff planned out, sorta. Hundredth = 100th = uhm… I don’t know how else to write it, so useless random point over. Anyway, here’s what’ll (probably) be coming up soon:

Well, it’s November, and most people, at least those who have been reading my blog since around this time last year, can guess at what that means. Besides thanksgiving. FOOOOOOOD. :P, no, I’m talking about *drumroll*:


Four years in the . . . er . . . book?

Fours years now that I’ve been on the internet. I’ve enjoyed my time here, and I’m looking forward to the times to come. It’ll be long and hard, and I’ll probably never be very good at keeping up with the posting, but it’ll also be fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll someday end up as popular as my mom’s blog, Let’s Play Math. I doubt that though, because I have a feeling her math blog is easier to find because it’s math related :P.

Still, I’m actually happy to just have a small crowd. It doesn’t make me feel as pressured to work on my stories (though maybe that’s a bad thing), not just my random posts that are mostly related to my life.

Anyway, in honor of this Blogoversary, I’ve decided to post links to most of my fellow bloggers whom I’ve met on the way. If I forget anyone (which is why I said most), feel free to remind me, :P.



Er, isn’t the point of collaborating and collaborators is that they are united? *Shake head* Oh, well.

Anyway, why am I talking about collaborators and collaborating? Because I am one. Yesterday me and Gecko got together a shared blog. It’s call *druuuuuuum roooooooooll* Collaborative Randomness and the idea for it started with my post about dividing by zero (the one right below this ‘un). In fact, we might have a continued story line from that there post on Collaborative Randomness (Also known as: Coll. Rand.).

We created this new blog for two purposes: 1. because we’ve always been curious about the whole shared blogging  thing, and 2. because Gecko is moving to an (apparently squarish [see coll. rand]) state. WAAAH ): WAAH! I NO GET TO SEE HIM NO MORE *sits in corner* Waaaaaaaaaah DDD:::::::

Anyway, now we have a shared blog, and it’s awesome . . . and it’s random . . . and it is


Programming Adventures

Okay, so I was playing with website programming, and playing with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and I came across a bug. I couldn’t get my thing to work. It absolutely refused to obey me, and the text wouldn’t change colors. This is about what it looked like:

.Right {
color: blue;
font-size: 150%;


p {
color: red;


See my glitch? You might, but I didn’t. I went back and forth between my two things (one was the style sheet, the other was the content things), and then I finally noticed it.

Instead of putting a } at the end of my .Right class, I had a {. Fail. Just the simplest things are what tend to slip past our eyes the most *sigh*.

Oh, and by the way: If any of you are interested in website programming, I’d check out Creating A Website of The Missing Manual: The book that should have been in the box. The third edition is the latest (came out this year, I believe) . . . that I know of, anyway. Great book, well written, and Matthew MacDonald has other The Missing Manual books on other things such as Javascript or CSS (which he covers briefly in Creating a Website, but I guess they’re more detailed and what not. Haven’t actually checked one out. . .). Anyway, great author, great books, on with the plot!

As long as I’m linking you to website programming things, I might as well link you to this post by my close friend Climbing Gecko, who has recently reached his hundredth post, CONGRATS GECKO!

And finally

Now, as a final note on the programming track, I thought I’d share a quote from one of my sister’s shirts. It basically says (I can’t remember word for word, but this should be pretty close):

100 bugs in the system

Fix one, run it again

101 bugs in the system

😛 yep, that pretty much describes programming XD (now somebody’s bound to come along in the comments and post what it really was. . .).

Spring. . . Or Summer/Oddities of Me

Post three of my I WILL BE A BETTER POSTER frenzy. (How long do you think this one will last? Heh heh heh)

Are we sure it’s Spring?

Seriously, over here right now it’s SO hot. If this is what it feels like in late spring, I’m scared to see summer. July and August are going be nightmares in the form of hotness. Thank goodness for swimming!

However, I prefer heat that I’ll hopefully get used to (eventually, like right before we plunge back into cold), rather than constant rain and wetness and muddiness that means I can’t ride. Of course, I’d love to have an occasional rain to keep the wild plants healthy (and the corn and all, too), and hopefully to cool things down a bit (heh, fat chance of things being cooled down).

Hopefully this heat will not help to detour me from my determinedness to be better at getting stuff done (e.g. blogging, noveling, practice programming, school, chores, basically life :P). I mean, I get detoured easily enough without it being so hot, (as most people should know from my past patches of failing to post very much).

This said . . .