Noisy animals

No, this blog post is not about animals in my life being noisy, or how annoying it is when they are.

This blog post is about a couple of websites I know that are fun, though noisy, and that have animals.

Singing Horses

The first one, Singing Horses, was found long ago. However, I was recently reminded of it by a comment my mom made on Builder’s blog post “The mysterious ticking noise from the potter puppet pals“.

Note: This will most likely annoy family members after a while.


Climbing Gecko linked me to this one. If you own cats, Meowmania is a great way to tease them, or make them come running (as long as you don’t use it too much). After it finishes loading, just click the screen and see what happens.

Note: If you click and pull in one way or another and then let go, the cat’s head will spin until you click the screen again.

Second Note: This will also most likely annoy family members after a while.

Okay, those are all I know at this time. If you know some others, comment a link to them here ^.^

One comment

  1. I will definitely check out Meowmania when I get more time. I wonder how our cats will like it! By the way, I love the snowflakes on your blog!


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