New adventures

I have decided to set off on a journey: *speaking in solemn voice* the journey of website programming *ends solemn tone*.

I doubt it will go very fast, but I think this one might last because:

  1. In the past I have been curious about HTML.
  2. I’ve got some books coming, so I’ll be able to start learning soonish, which will probably keep me interested.
  3. Also, I’m doing this as an extra in school, so it won’t be like I have to do it. This gives me more freedom on it, which in turn means I maybe won’t feel like it’s too much.

Hopefully I’ll someday be able to make an interactive website, but that’s far off in the future. By the time I do that, you might have forgotten all about me learning website making.

Okay, that’s all for this post! Posting again soon (I hope)!

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