No I’m not talking about you my beloved readers. At least, I don’t think you’re rolling your eyes at me. Are you? Are you D::::? No, just joking, I don’t think you are.


*Lots of caps, sorry ^.^”*

So, I lost internet connection the other day. And for a little bit I just tried reloading the page. Well, you might know by now my strange habits of noticing random and weird things. So I was watching the little loady thing and . . .

Well don’t ask me why, but I clicked ctrl-R (it’s how I tend to reload my pages) twice in rapidish succession, and the little green circle loading thing went to this hollow black circle, and in it was this solid black circle rotating around the black line.

Think about that for a moment. Well, whether you see it or not (which you probably do) I though it looked like it was a rolling eye. Was it suppose to look like that? I dunno, but it did.

I just kinda home it wasn’t meant to look like that to say, “Hey, you don’t have to reload the page twice in that rapid of succession.” ‘Cause that would be kinda creepy.

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