Random Scnatzle

Scnatzle, I kinda like that word. Scnatzle, Shh-Nat-Zil. Hmm, very interesting. Very random, too. Just like this post. >_< I’m ranting. Ranting is fun, and very random. In fact, I kinda like ranting . . . Dunno why. Heh.

How do you have an up fall? I think I might use Scnatzle as a name one day. I dunno. Scnatzle. Scnatzil, scnatzle, scnatzle. I like saying that word. It is fun and random. YAY FOR FUN AND RANDOM THINGS!

I think one has an up fall by standing on their heads and then falling. It makes sense really, if you’re standing the opposite way than when you normally fall (upside down instead of right side up), then wouldn’t you fall the opposite way? And since up is the opposite than of down, then falling while upside down makes it an up fall?

I’m still ranting, but I wanted to get a post out, so it’s okay that I spent all of it ranting as long as I got a post out. I hope to get another post out within 24 hour. For now, however, good-night, good-bye, and SCNATZLE! (Who knew I was going add that in there?) *goes to sleep*


  1. If you’re going to rant, rant privately so we don’t all have to read it 🙂 . I mean, do you really think we all want to hear the word Scnantzle 9 times in four paragraphs? I don’t want to sound rude, probably do anyway. But I think you have the ability to post better, more thoughtfully. Maybe you should start another story series. Please don’t take this badly, I just want to help.


  2. It was midnight… give her some credit. I know her in real life and she’s as random as this normally. =P

    Do you even know what scnatzle means, Kitten? XD


  3. I thought she made it up (although even so, it probably should have an “h” in it). If she was thinking of the word schnitzel, she probably doesn’t know what that is either. I didn’t, but internet to the rescue… Here’s a recipe.


  4. I had no idea what schnitzel was, but it might be that the word was in the back of my brain and came out as scnatzle.


  5. I still think most readers would pronounce scnatzle as “sknatzle” unless you put an “h” after the “c.” That probably doesn’t matter for a blog post, but it’s something to think about if you’re going to use it as a character name.


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