Programming Adventures

Okay, so I was playing with website programming, and playing with CSS (Cascading Style Sheet), and I came across a bug. I couldn’t get my thing to work. It absolutely refused to obey me, and the text wouldn’t change colors. This is about what it looked like:

.Right {
color: blue;
font-size: 150%;


p {
color: red;


See my glitch? You might, but I didn’t. I went back and forth between my two things (one was the style sheet, the other was the content things), and then I finally noticed it.

Instead of putting a } at the end of my .Right class, I had a {. Fail. Just the simplest things are what tend to slip past our eyes the most *sigh*.

Oh, and by the way: If any of you are interested in website programming, I’d check out Creating A Website of The Missing Manual: The book that should have been in the box. The third edition is the latest (came out this year, I believe) . . . that I know of, anyway. Great book, well written, and Matthew MacDonald has other The Missing Manual books on other things such as Javascript or CSS (which he covers briefly in Creating a Website, but I guess they’re more detailed and what not. Haven’t actually checked one out. . .). Anyway, great author, great books, on with the plot!

As long as I’m linking you to website programming things, I might as well link you to this post by my close friend Climbing Gecko, who has recently reached his hundredth post, CONGRATS GECKO!

And finally

Now, as a final note on the programming track, I thought I’d share a quote from one of my sister’s shirts. It basically says (I can’t remember word for word, but this should be pretty close):

100 bugs in the system

Fix one, run it again

101 bugs in the system

😛 yep, that pretty much describes programming XD (now somebody’s bound to come along in the comments and post what it really was. . .).

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