23 and counting

So, just the other day something happened in the world of bloggers, especially homeschooled ones! Bet you’ve guessed what it is: The 23rd Homeschooled Kids Blog Carnival!

The Homeschooled Kids Carnival

Click image for more information on the Carnival

This time around, if you read far enough you can find the first entry of my “The Pale Warrior” series.


  1. ha! Hint taken. I will make sure you are nearer the top next time.
    Thanks for joining in – and I enjoyed your story so far.
    best wishes, Julie.


  2. Ooh! yes please!!! She did a fantastic job last time.
    I do try to move everyone around each time – but I was in a hurry this month to get it out so I may have been a bit tardy.


  3. I didn’t mean that I was too far down. I don’t really care where I am, that’s just what I always say 😛


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