Rain ^.^

Okay, so I really should have written and posted this on Monday, however I was tired then. And as for the time in between . . . well never mind that. Anyway, Monday. So this spring it rained so much all we wanted was sunshine, then this summer it’s been hot, dry and humid. No rain at all, and what rain there was to quick to do anything except maybe make it more humid.

Monday however, there was rain. It was wonderful, of course there was some lightning, and I was outside and got wet (which is why I was tired), but oh well.

Anyway, rain came, and lately it has felt more cold than hot (yesterday I got up really early for a change, and went outside for a few minutes and it felt nice and cool. In winter it might have felt slightly warm, but after the heat we’ve been having, it felt cool.

Anyway, I’m a lot happier with the weather now. In fact if it stays like that, I think I might go take a walk tomorrow. Anyway, I need to stop rambling or I’ll get entirely off topic. Buh-bye for now! (Might write more later.)

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