Christmas 2012

Well, the end of a world was a big flop. No zombies, no aliens, no nothing! Not even the meteor shower that I was so looking forward to! 😦 This disappoints me very much.

On a brighter note, it’s Christmas! And this is a Christmas post! And sooooooooooooooooooooo:

How is/was your Christmas? Or whatever you celebrate. This year, as always, we had lots of food. Some of it we gave nick-names like “Beam-me-up-Scottie” (biscotti) and “Iced muffins”. Long story.

Here’s some of my presents:

  • A logic puzzle book thing
  • A coffee mug and yummy-looking chocolate mixes
  • Panera gift card
  • The Hunger Games (movie)
  • X-Men Destiny for the WII
  • And a couple other things

So, that’s all good and fun. And I vote that the game means I get to play on the WII today… Right?

What type of things did you get? I’m going to stuff myself with nuts, and put my things away, and then I’m going to think about writing a Christmas story. I have an IDEA… it’s just not complete yet. So I may or may not do it.

Also I have some pictures of Cimorene that I might put up sometime soon.

So, yeah, that was my Christmas, ttyl!

P.S. This might be my first ever Christmas Post that is actually posted on Christmas! Lol

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