Shiny New Covers! And an Ebook Sale

In preparation for Betrayed: The Riddled Stone, Book Three (coming in August!), we’ve been doing some house cleaning. We just loaded up the new versions of Banished and Hunted to all the ebook sites, and CreateSpace for print books, too. New covers, plus one more round of whack-a-typo. It always takes a few days for the web pages to update, but they’re on the way!

The stories haven’t changed, and the typos we found were very minor. But if you already bought the books and want the latest versions, just wait until the new cover shows at your ebook vendor, then contact their Customer Service department to find out their rules for updating to the new release. For instance, it used to be automatic at, but now you have to send in a request through their “Contact Us” form.

Here are the old and new cover versions. What do you think?



July Ebook Sale at Smashwords

Hunted-600 Banished-600

If you read ebooks, check out this great sale at Smashwords. Through the end of July, Banished is free and Hunted is 25% off!

Just remember to enter the discount code (SFREE for Banished, and SSW25 for Hunted) at checkout.

Click the book cover image to read more about that book. The discount codes are also listed on each book’s description page.

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