Banished: Free Ebook

Happy New Year!

We have already passed the first week of 2022, and here is hoping that so far it’s going better than the last two years for everyone.

Banished, the first book of my fantasy series The Riddled Stone, has been available to read in its entirety for free on my blog since early 2017. However, I don’t think anyone would say blog posts are their preferred format for reading a novel. The best way is probably snuggled up with a physical book next to a fireplace, wrapped in a blanket while a snowstorm blows outside, with a cat in one’s lap and a preferred hot beverage at hand (or maybe that’s just me).

But an e-reader or phone can also be pretty nice, which is why I am pleased to announce that Banished is now free as an ebook most places. This includes my publisher’s store and even several of the Amazon sites. (Though I don’t know how long the latter will stay free. Because Amazon.)

So, now is the perfect time to grab Banished for your digital device and encourage anyone else you think would like the story to do the same. You can see everywhere it’s sold and check out the rest of the series on my Books page.

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