How To Work On Your Blog But Not Get Anything Done 101

Okay, you’re probably wondering, do I have a license to teach this particular subject? Don’t worry, I’m a specialist. I do this a lot, if I even get as far as signing in to my blog. So just read very carefully and learn how it’s done, from a master!

What Usually Happens

Okay, so first off, I normally don’t get as far as even signing in. I probably wouldn’t get as far as the sign in page, if I didn’t have it as a home page. Then again, I usually close it and go to a different home page before it loads. . .  So I usually don’t get as far as the sign in page. However, MY SIM CAN BLOW THINGS UP *sorry, felt strong urge to say that ^.^”*, this is not a lesson on that. This is a lesson on working on your blog, and just not getting anything done.

The steps

  1. Open whatever you use to sign in to your blog.
  2. Sign in.
  3. Either start new post or open up one that you’ve been working on.
  4. Stare at it for a while.
  5. Type a few words and then erase them, realizing they aren’t what you want.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 a few times.
  7. Realize you really have no idea what you want to say.
  8. Leave your blog (signing off is recommended, but of course you might start by leaving the tab for some reason and getting distracted (see the e.g. below)).
  9. Go to something else (on the computer or elsewhere. e.g. look at YouTube videos and start playing snake, or get obsessed by browsing interesting or cute pictures on flickr, etc.).

Voila. You’ll be a master like me in no time!

Thank you for attending this free crash course on working on your blog without getting anything done! Check back later for other 101 lessons on other subjects, and good day!

Some serious updating

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, UPDATES!

Sorry, I’ll have to put you on hold

Not you guys!  No, it’s time I got my blog off hold, and onto go. What’s going on hold is my website programming. Why? I’ll tell you why: I need to wait for a book I ordered to come in, so I’m not going work much on making sites until that happens.

So, what am I doing in the meantime? I’m going into game programming =P. Right now I’m trying to learn about making a text game with a Qbasic type of thing.

I have a sort of storyline in mind, but I need to figure out how to do some stuff (like how to have gold, or show an inventory, and what not). That’s all I can really say right now.

Ugh, this blog is drifting

I’m going try and work on my stories more today. Tomorrow might be dedicated to my programming (see above), but I’ll work hard today and try to at least have some story to schedule for tomorrow.

I know that most of my latest posts have been more updatish than storyish, but hang with me, I’m trying get back in gear. It doesn’t help that I’ve taken an interest in drawing. (I actually drew something kinda nice looking, which I’ll try and upload when it’s finished.) And I’m constantly having story ideas.

Oh well, I guess I just need to direct some of those story ideas to my blog. Stories going on hold (meaning I’ll work on them later) are:

The end of Global Warming and The adventures of Panther and Cimorene. I will be concentrating on My winter wonder land for tomorrow’s post.

Grr, I hate the wet

Okay, so we just got over a cold spell over here, and it was starting to warm up, AND THEN THE BLASTED RAIN HAD TO COME! I’ve been trying to plan a sleepover with a couple friends of mine, and I was waiting for the weather to warm up enough for us to go riding.

First it was too cold to go riding, now it’s too wet and muddy to go riding! Plus, if spring really is rolling around, we tend to get flooded about then, flooding = wet = muddy = no riding.

Get my drift? GO AWAY YOU RAIN !

Well, that’s all I got now, until next time! (Note, this is not an edited post. I wanted to get it out today, so I don’t really have time to get it edited. I’ll try and get it edited soon!)


Here’s some updates:

  • It’s snowing on my blog! *though you probably already noticed*
  • I changed my theme *Which you’ve also probably noticed already* to give it a more wintery theme and also so the snow shows up better.
  • I will be trying to work a little on my blog each day, so hopefully I’ll be posting something more often.
  • As far as people per week, my lower stats seem to be higher in the last twelve weeks. Except for the last two in which I didn’t post very much (of course, since this week just started, it doesn’t count).
  • Writing these is getting boring! So I’m going end with this one: I did amazingly win Nanowrimo. Though I thought I was to late because I got the 29th and the 30th mixed up, lol XD.

Okay. That’s all for this post. Posting again soon (I hope)!