The adventures of Panther and Cimorene

Panther takes a dip

[The Adventures of Panther and Cimorene, Chapter One]

Please look at “PussyCat Gives Birth” for the Prologue. After that please enjoy chapter one:

Kittens Playing by Hitchster

One day PussyCat was watching her playing kits, soon they would be going to school! Panther laughed batting playfully at Cimorene who batted back; one of the seven kittens was chasing her tail, another rubbing in a patch of cat nip, and a third eying a yarn ball while the last two ate the mush their owners had prepared for them.

Tiger came up and rubbed against PussyCat flicking his tail. “Beautiful day for a swim.”

“Ha! That’s something our owners would say! Cats going for a swim? Honestly Tiger, I sometimes think you’ve lost your marbles; as our owners would say,” chided PussyCat, “You know I also sometimes think we copy too much from our owners.” Tiger only laughed.

After lunch the family was sitting out in the sun, trying to take their after noon naps… Except for Panther, who was running from spot to spot, bouncing with energy, and basically keeping everyone awake.

Suddenly a mouse ran out of the barn and, his eyes going wide with excitement, Panther raced after it. He tripped over Cimorene, who glared at him sleepily, he crawled over PussyCat and Tiger, who were sleeping next to each other, and kept running. Sighing Tiger got up and went after him.

After a few minutes there was a small yow; then some shouting and laughing mixed together. Rolling her eyes PussyCat got up. “What have those boys got into this time? Come on kids, we better check to make sure they’re okay.” And all the kits, sleepy and grumpy, got up and followed PussyCat after Panther and Tiger.

When the seven cats arrived at the scene they instantly began gaping; for this is what they saw: Now they were standing on a small path that ran along a small stream that ended in a pool, and in that pool floundering to stay above the surface was Panther! And standing at the edge of the pool rolling on the ground laughing was Tiger!

Rolling her eyes PussyCat waded into the water, obviously reluctantly, and grabbed Panther by the nape of his neck, then she padded back out. Pussy set Panther down and they both shook their paws; Pussy also gave Tiger a good *wap* with her paw.

Later as they were all laying out in the sun Panther exclaimed: “I think I shall never do that again! I think I shall stay right here and take a nap and keep to Mommy’s milk!”

Cat Nap by jurvetson

Cimorene, who was also still awake, rolled her eyes and replied, “You silly! We can’t live on Mommy’s milk forever. Besides, that would be weak!”

“Humph, not if I was the one doing it,” muttered Panther before rolling over and going to sleep.

PussyCat Gives Birth

[The Adventures of Panther and Cimorene, Prologue]

Once upon a time, there lived a cat. Her name was PussyCat. She had a husband, and his name was Tiger. They were owned barn cats.

One day, their owners left them; they left PussyCat and Tiger plenty enough water to drink and food to eat.

As the first week went on, PussyCat got fatter and fatter. Soon, she was sure she was pregnant, so she started eating and drinking more.

At the end of the month, their owners returned, just in time to give them more food and water.

They took PussyCat to the doctor (to find out why she was so fat) and were surprised to find out that PussyCat was pregnant.

For one month with her owners, she was pregnant, but no more. At the end of two months (for her first month was without her owners), she gave birth to seven kittens. And she called the two youngest Panther and Cimorene.