My birthday party

Since one of my guests was a neighbor, we figured that he would be the first one to arrive. We were wrong; instead the other boy came first.

Now, Mom was going to make a lime punch, but she forgot. Also I didn’t know what game to play, so at first we played a game called Operation. (Perhaps you’ve heard of it; it’s a board game.)

Then we did our craft of making pretend dragon eggs; there were some pretty neat designs. For the color (we were using spray paint) (my sister was helping us, of course), I picked a textured gold and a red. The red went on before the gold was dry, making a textured red. I, my Mom, and maybe my sister — and one to all of the guests, too — thought it was the best.

After that, we drew mustaches and other funny stuff on some Sunday comics (old ones, of course). When we finished there, we played Conjecture. You take play-doh, and you make shapes (depending on the word on the card that is on top of the pile) out of it, and then your teammate has to guess what it is. Whoever’s teammate guessed first gets the point. The shaper and the guessers take turns at the different jobs.

Next we ate supper (which was pizza), followed by presents and cake.

Sadly, after that it was time for all but one to go home (the last one was spending the night). Goodbye, guests.

All in all, though, I had fun (and I hope my guests did, too).


  1. Your birthday party sounds like it was a lot of fun. Maybe Grandpa and I should have stayed around and played the games, too? Love to all the family!


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