Bloggers Ed 101

Is anyone getting tired of just one story, even broken up like it is? Well, I’ve decided that I’d write about something else — not to say I won’t continue My winter wonder land, I’m just taking a break.

I’ve decided to instead talk about my blogging class. As you know, it’s winter-spring semester at schools, and though I’m homeschooled, I have a homeschool co-op that I go to every Thursday.

At this homeschool co-op, it’s the winter-spring semester, and this semester I’m taking a writing class, a speech class, and a blogging class! I’m going to talk about the blogging class.

My mom teaches the blogging class, she even set up a blog for it — if you want to read it, go to Blogging 2 Learn — where she has everything we’re going to be doing, and what week we’ll be doing it. If you ever want to get a blog, it will be a great place to go. It would almost be like you were in the class!

Besides me, there are four others in the class. They are Climbing Gecko, First Nate, Ben, and Twilie.

Though I already have a blog and don’t need the class as much, it does help motivate me to work on my blog. In fact, I’m planning to at least make one post per week — preferably more.

Well, to my blogging class friends: see ya soon!


  1. I will be sure to check out your mom’s blogging class – I love to blog too! In fact, I spend way too much time on blogging but have made lots of nice friends along the way! Good luck with your blogging!


  2. I will check out the blogging class, as I have only been blogging just a little over a year. I am always looking for new tips. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Hi,
    I’m a homeschool Mom, I have a blog called 1 homeschool and my daughter has one too. This sounds like something she may be interested in. I’ll check it out. Thanks for sharing this.
    You write very well. Keep up the good work.


  4. Hi, Kitten! Thanks for the link. My traffic went up after you wrote this post. (And all bloggers love traffic, right?)

    I’m writing a post now about yesterday’s class. I think you had better check it out when I’m done, ’cause I can see at least one thing missing from your sidebar. . .


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