Co-op Classes

What you’re thinking: “About time, Kitten!”

*Much shrinking from angry crowd* I know, I know. I haven’t written in ages. All my fault, really sorry. I’ll try to be better. Please forgive me. *Ends angry crowd scene*

*Much crying* Monday Fun Classes are about to end. *wipes away tears* It’s been fun, but there’s only a few weeks left until Culmination. Our Anatomy and Physiology class isn’t doing anything, but the blogging class is going to display a post from each blog, and everyone in the writing class is doing an essay.

After the Culmination I might re-post/post a link to the post and put up my essay. Of course, if I don’t manage to finish the essay on time, I might have to re-post it later so that you can see the finished version.

*switches accent* If any of y’all readers wanna recommend a post ta show, feel free ta comment all yer recommendations, jus’ keep in mind no long’uns like My Winter Wonder Land. *Ends accent*

Random facts:

  • My essay is about character making (as in fiction story characters).
  • -2 + -3 = -5
  • -2 – -3 = 1
  • -2 x -3 = 6
  • -4/-2 = 2
  • Today we talked about nerves in our Anatomy and Physiology class.
  • Jack climbed up the beanstalk.
  • I’m getting really off subject (as you may have noticed).
  • And *drum roll* Not only am I slipping up on my blog, but also my NaNoWriMo book! (So don’t think that only you blog readers are being completely and utterly ignored.)

Princess Kitten, and the case of the poofing name tag

My name tag went poof last week. Where could it have gone? We found it, yes we did, and this is the story of how:

I walked out of my class to the small café area. I went over to the name tag box and took off my name tag. I put my name tag in the folder (which was in a box with other folders) where my mom’s and my name tags went.

I walked over to talk and play with some friends before it was time to go. My mom put her name tag up. Then it got freaky, because she asked me, “Where’s your name tag?”

I blinked at her. “I put it in our folder. Why?”

“I couldn’t find it. Oh well, I probably just missed it.”

I decided to investigate. I went and checked: no name tag. I searched the folders around ours: no name tag. I began to worry. Gecko asked me what I was doing. “Looking for my name tag. It disappeared, went poof,” I told him.

I searched some more, I was getting more worried. Then, lo and behold, I found it. I had actually put it between two folders, and it had slipped so it was under them, but I finally unearthed — or rather “unfoldered” — it!

[Note: This is an edited version. My brain is not large enough to remember all the details. Also, this week, instead of poofing, the name tag fell out of its holder and got left in the folder, lol!]

Anatomy and other not quite random stuff

WOO HOO! I finally pronounced anatomy without help! (Annat-tommi)

Anatomy means: Parts of the body.

Why I needed to know how to pronounce it: because I’m taking an Anatomy and Physiology class in my Monday Fun Classes — I’m also taking high-school writing and blogging (again ;)).

High-school writing

In high-school writing, I’m going be writing an essay on Looney Tunes. We’re going be doing three paragraphs of left brain and of three of right brain.

The left side of your brain deals with facts. These are already made up, but not nearly as fun. The right side of your brain deals in random and creative stuff — I like this side better, but you’re more likely to be working with “raw material.”

Anatomy and Physiology

In anatomy and physiology, I need to be reading about muscles in Anatomy and Physiology the Easy Way. There is no assigned reading, but my teacher will prefer it if I do.

We’ve learned the meanings of several words, the different systems and stuff. Here’s a list of the systems:

  1. Skin/dermal
  2. Muscular
  3. Skeletal
  4. Digestive
  5. Endocrine
  6. Circulatory
  7. Respiratory
  8. Nervous
  9. Lymphatic
  10. Reproductive
  11. Cellular
  12. Urinary (Urinary is only considered one in some places, as it can tag on to several others.)

Right now we’re studying the muscular system. For instance: the muscles themselves don’t get stronger; they just get used to lifting heavier things.


Blogging is blogging. It was very quiet. So were the first few weeks last time. There’s a lot more people, and only Curly Ben and I retook the class, so I’ll be putting new blogs in my blogroll soon.

We’re also working a little  bit in the book DownWRITE Funny. Last week, we also did a brainstorm on how to get ideas.

[Note: I started this last week, so some of these things are done, which means I might be posting about them soon!]

Spring 2010

In some ways I’m happy that spring’s here, and in others I am not.

Next Thursday is the culmination for this year’s co-op session, and it won’t start up again until fall! This means that there are some of my friends I won’t be able to actually see face to face until then.

But spring also brings good news! Flowers are growing, birds singing, color has returned to the world! Though I’m beginning to wonder if we have a little too much green… 😛 just joking!

Also coming with spring is swimming! Once it warms up a bit, maybe my family can get out our pool. And since I’m going to start running, it will be great to take a run then jump in the pool for a cool, relaxing, swim!

All in all, spring is my favorite season, and I’m excited that it’s here (I know, I’m a bit late :P). I mean, can’t you tell I like it a lot just by my new springy header? Oh wait, that’s because I make this blog’s themes seasonal :P. Anyway, I hope you are enjoying the new spring season wherever you are :D!

Bloggers Ed 101

Is anyone getting tired of just one story, even broken up like it is? Well, I’ve decided that I’d write about something else — not to say I won’t continue My winter wonder land, I’m just taking a break.

I’ve decided to instead talk about my blogging class. As you know, it’s winter-spring semester at schools, and though I’m homeschooled, I have a homeschool co-op that I go to every Thursday.

At this homeschool co-op, it’s the winter-spring semester, and this semester I’m taking a writing class, a speech class, and a blogging class! I’m going to talk about the blogging class.

My mom teaches the blogging class, she even set up a blog for it — if you want to read it, go to Blogging 2 Learn — where she has everything we’re going to be doing, and what week we’ll be doing it. If you ever want to get a blog, it will be a great place to go. It would almost be like you were in the class!

Besides me, there are four others in the class. They are Climbing Gecko, First Nate, Ben, and Twilie.

Though I already have a blog and don’t need the class as much, it does help motivate me to work on my blog. In fact, I’m planning to at least make one post per week — preferably more.

Well, to my blogging class friends: see ya soon!