The end of global warming, a look into the future

The  My winter wonder land stories are taking a long time to write, so I’ve decided to post other things while waiting.

Here is the story of how the human race will defeat global warming, and don’t worry, I saw it in my crystal ball, tea leaves, clouds, and the like ;-).

The first disaster, how it all started

Washington, the White House

“Sir, there’s been a explosion in New York… the whole downtown… It was sudden, few survived, and most of them will be handicapped for the rest of their lives… it was very bad, all were wounded badly… yes, sir… children, sir?…Sorry, sir…Right away, sir.”

The single light in this darkness

By Conanil

“GO!!” called Coach Marcus. The other team had the ball. Georgiana Kable’s goal was to stop the game. She pulled out a thin pen that was in a loop of ribbon that held it to the inside of her sleeve. The ball was in the air, they were going score, everyone on her team was screaming, they thought no one could stop it now. Georgiana flipped back her hands as if to catch the ball, and a needle flew out of the pen, hitting the ball, making a hole and spreading melting wax. The ball lost air quickly. She pretended to trip, caught the needle (which had fallen out of the ball), and reloaded her “pen.”

Coach Marcus was everywhere at once. The opposing team claimed that Georgiana’s team cheated, but they could find no proof. Coach Marcus finally decided there had been a hole that had slowly been spreading, but the airoskin had kept the air in, until finally the hole had gotten too big. The match was claimed a draw, and the teams returned to their locker rooms.

“That was great, Georgiana! What invention did that?” asked Katherine, the team’s leader/personal coach. The other girls gathered around Georgiana, asking the same as Kathrine.

“My newest. The toxic hole maker. Pierces even metal!” announced Georgiana, showing them the “pen” (which she had closed). “The only thing that will hold against it is my all purpose metal!”

“Neat!” “Awesome!” “You’re the best!” The praise of her teammates filled the locker room. The locker room belonged to Loombox’s School for Teens. It had both a boy and a girl team that practiced against each other. Head of the boy’s team was Fredrick Moonfrick… or just plain Fred to his friends.

A single light in this darkness, Part 2

“I don’t believe it! Georgiana has something up her sleeve, and I plan to find out what!” exclaimed Fredrick Moonfrick, head of Loombox’s School for Teens boy’s basketball team—also a born leader—not knowing how true his words were.

His fellow teammates murmured their agreement: “She’s a creep,” “A cheater,” were among these.  After this, the team slowly departed, and Fredrick went home.

“Dear, there’s a letter for you!” came the call of his mother. He entered the house and opened the letter. He immediately went wide-eyed.

“THE GOVERNMENT!?!?!?!?! They want me to come help some other person defeat the growing amount of explosions in the world? GLOBAL WARMING!?!?!?!?!” cried Fredrick in surprise. “How on earth am I to help them!?”

Her mother leaped to her feet. “Could it be!?! They’re hiring kids to take care of their dirty work? Humph, they’re lucky they’re the government, or I’d sue them!”

“Mom! What is this about?”

“Global warming. Fredrick, they know everything about you, and there’s something in you that they think will help them solve THEIR problems. Tsh. It’s not our problem until these explosions get a little closer to home!”

“Mom, explain what is going on!” So Mrs. Moonrick explained the whole thing. And, on the other side of town, about the exact same thing had just happened to Georgiana Kable.

[To be continued. . .]


  1. Interesting. I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next. And I’m also wondering: How many stories can one girl be writing at a time, and still keep all her characters and everything straight?


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