The story of two plastic bags

Once there were two plastic bags who loved each other. They lived in a little box where lots of other plastic bags lived.

One day a human came and took one of the bags out of the box, and the other bag came with it. When they reached the kitchen the extra plastic bag was discovered and put back, the remaining plastic bag had hot-dogs put in it. The plastic bags wondered if they’d ever see each other again before they died. Poor plastic bags.


  1. Hi Kitten,
    I am Jonah and I like your story, where did you find it? I would like to blog with you so please comment back.


  2. Hey Jonah,
    I’m glad you enjoyed it, as for your question: this story is sort of based on a real life story. Of course plastic bags do not have minds or emotions, but I did get two plastic bags stuck together, the extra was put back and the other had hot dogs put in it. Making the plastic bags have emotions made the story more fun.


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