Anatomy and other not quite random stuff

WOO HOO! I finally pronounced anatomy without help! (Annat-tommi)

Anatomy means: Parts of the body.

Why I needed to know how to pronounce it: because I’m taking an Anatomy and Physiology class in my Monday Fun Classes — I’m also taking high-school writing and blogging (again ;)).

High-school writing

In high-school writing, I’m going be writing an essay on Looney Tunes. We’re going be doing three paragraphs of left brain and of three of right brain.

The left side of your brain deals with facts. These are already made up, but not nearly as fun. The right side of your brain deals in random and creative stuff — I like this side better, but you’re more likely to be working with “raw material.”

Anatomy and Physiology

In anatomy and physiology, I need to be reading about muscles in Anatomy and Physiology the Easy Way. There is no assigned reading, but my teacher will prefer it if I do.

We’ve learned the meanings of several words, the different systems and stuff. Here’s a list of the systems:

  1. Skin/dermal
  2. Muscular
  3. Skeletal
  4. Digestive
  5. Endocrine
  6. Circulatory
  7. Respiratory
  8. Nervous
  9. Lymphatic
  10. Reproductive
  11. Cellular
  12. Urinary (Urinary is only considered one in some places, as it can tag on to several others.)

Right now we’re studying the muscular system. For instance: the muscles themselves don’t get stronger; they just get used to lifting heavier things.


Blogging is blogging. It was very quiet. So were the first few weeks last time. There’s a lot more people, and only Curly Ben and I retook the class, so I’ll be putting new blogs in my blogroll soon.

We’re also working a little  bit in the book DownWRITE Funny. Last week, we also did a brainstorm on how to get ideas.

[Note: I started this last week, so some of these things are done, which means I might be posting about them soon!]


  1. We miss you, Gecko! But things will liven up a bit as everyone gets to know everyone else better, I think. The more we read each other’s blogs and interact, the more we will have in common…

    I’m glad you are enjoying all your classes, Kitten! 🙂


  2. Nicole,
    My teacher is really fun! So it’s actually not that bad, even if the homework is a littler difficult.


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