Princess Kitten, and the case of the poofing name tag

My name tag went poof last week. Where could it have gone? We found it, yes we did, and this is the story of how:

I walked out of my class to the small café area. I went over to the name tag box and took off my name tag. I put my name tag in the folder (which was in a box with other folders) where my mom’s and my name tags went.

I walked over to talk and play with some friends before it was time to go. My mom put her name tag up. Then it got freaky, because she asked me, “Where’s your name tag?”

I blinked at her. “I put it in our folder. Why?”

“I couldn’t find it. Oh well, I probably just missed it.”

I decided to investigate. I went and checked: no name tag. I searched the folders around ours: no name tag. I began to worry. Gecko asked me what I was doing. “Looking for my name tag. It disappeared, went poof,” I told him.

I searched some more, I was getting more worried. Then, lo and behold, I found it. I had actually put it between two folders, and it had slipped so it was under them, but I finally unearthed — or rather “unfoldered” — it!

[Note: This is an edited version. My brain is not large enough to remember all the details. Also, this week, instead of poofing, the name tag fell out of its holder and got left in the folder, lol!]


  1. You’re a good detective. Sneaky tag! I would have given up.

    Maybe next week we can take some tape and stick the edges together so the name tag card can’t slip away to hide again? 😉


  2. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t suppose to, and some people I know *coughcough* have memory blinks and forget other people’s names.


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