X-Men, First Class

So the other night I watched X-Men: First Class in theaters (obviously). And so I thought I’d share my thoughts. I guess. I don’t know. I tend to overrate things. Oh well, I feel like writing this. Sorry if I accidentally include anything you feel is a spoiler. And I won’t actually do any rating — I’ll just tell you about the movie.


Basically, how Xavier and Erik (more often in the later movies called Magneto) meet, become friends, and then go their different ways. There’s this guy (called Shaw) who taught Erik how to control his powers through pain and anger, but started by killing Erik’s mother, and so Erik wants to kill Shaw. And Shaw wants to basically start a World War III and then conquer humans and put mutants at their so-called “rightful place”. So Xaivier and Magneto and a few others train up and then there’s a big battle (there’s always a big battle). And yeah, there’s a few things that don’t seem to line up with the other movies, but oh well. Plot was good, and well written.


The actors were all good. The characters each had challenges, some bigger than others, with their power. They were well acted out, and some of the connections were interesting. Yeah, I’m not good at the whole character-analysis thing. Good characters, well acted out, yeah.


The graphics were good. Music was good. It had fairly mild language for being a PG-13 movie (at least compared to some). Had some sexual situations that didn’t seem very important to the plot and could have been dropped. However, overall I think it was a good move, and worth watching.

The End

Okay, I’m done now. I have other things to work on. If you want a review with actual ratings or something, go somewhere else. Though actually, in the end, it’s all a matter of opinion on whether or not it is a good movie. I’m just here to let you know if it’s something you might like to watch.

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