Up-to-dateish for the summer

I’ve changed my theme (as you have probably noticed) to show that my blog is officially ready for summer.

Here’s some goals for my summer:

  • Draw a lot.
  • Write a lot, on novels and blog.
  • Probably read a lot, but that’s not really a goal. . . *cough cough*.
  • Be better at doing school work.
  • Be better at doing chores.
  • Be better at not sleeping my mornings away *heh heh*.
  • Improve riding skills.
  • Be more active and outdoorsish.
  • Swim a lot.
  • Those sort of things.

Of course, some of these things you’ve already seen to be on my to-do list from my Spring. . . Or Summer/Oddities of  me post, still this is a more official list. Let’s see how long this lasts *heh heh*.


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