Four years in the . . . er . . . book?

Fours years now that I’ve been on the internet. I’ve enjoyed my time here, and I’m looking forward to the times to come. It’ll be long and hard, and I’ll probably never be very good at keeping up with the posting, but it’ll also be fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll someday end up as popular as my mom’s blog, Let’s Play Math. I doubt that though, because I have a feeling her math blog is easier to find because it’s math related :P.

Still, I’m actually happy to just have a small crowd. It doesn’t make me feel as pressured to work on my stories (though maybe that’s a bad thing), not just my random posts that are mostly related to my life.

Anyway, in honor of this Blogoversary, I’ve decided to post links to most of my fellow bloggers whom I’ve met on the way. If I forget anyone (which is why I said most), feel free to remind me, :P.

So, here’s the list of blogs that I have enjoyed visiting and reading over the years (though I know I probably forgot some, because I don’t know if all of them are on my blogroll, and I would ask that you visit posts such as Homeschool kids carnival, #17, since this post is dedicated to the other bloggers in the world that I’ve met ^^). Anyway, on to the list (a.k.a my blogroll XD):

Blogging Class, Friends, And Others:


The Blogoverse Official Tour

  • Anna Banana
  • Cherry Banana Split
  • Laughing My Socks Off
  • Let’s Call It A Journey
  • Oh What A Horsey Life?!
  • Random Awesomeness!!
  • Random Gorgeouznezz
  • The Beaucoup Review
  • Unschooled Musings
  • Vienna’s Corner Of The World
  • Life Through a Cat’s Eyes

The Blogging Challenge

(Yeah, I never really got into the blogging challenge ^^”)

Any blog whose name isn’t a link, means their link doesn’t work. Which means they probably have left the blogging universe. Don’t ask me why so many appeared to have done that :(.


  1. Congratulations on your Blogiversary!!! I have enjoyed watching your writing skills grow over the years.

    PS: Remind me that we need to get back to editing your novel…


  2. @ CG. . . That doesn’t say much considering you have more post D<< 😛 oh well.

    @ Mom. . . Thanks, and heh heh. . .


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