Welcome to November

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, it’s November now, Nano time. Unfortunately I haven’t done anything. My word count is none, zilch, nada, 0. 0o0o0o0o Okay, the o looks more like a 0 than the 0, the 0 is just too round. Weird. And why was my cat crouched over and sniffing behind and possibly under my computer lap thingy, whatever it’s called. It’s like a yellow thingy that sits on your lap, that you can put your computer on. Or use as a clipboard without a clip and with a pencil holder, or whatever that thing is supposed to hold.

Anyway, completely off topic that. Let’s see if I can’t update you on some stuff. The day before yesterday was Halloween, CANDY. But I couldn’t eat some of the things I got because I have braces, that I got in like, September, and don’t think I’ve told you about yet. Hmm. But I traded that stuff away, because I was with Builder‘s family, and a couple of their friends, and people. And then I got to thinking, if I sold all the candy that I got for even just a penny, I’d be making a profit, cool huh?

Yeah, sooooooooooo. And yesterday started November, and NANOWRIMO!!! *lights flashing and opera singing*. Yeah, but right now my word count is nil, like I told you before, because I was at a friend’s house until around 2, and when we got home I fell asleep until around suppertime, and then we watched a movie. And all of this means I should really be working on my novel, but instead I’m writing this. That just goes to show how much I care about you guys, right? Or at least it shows what a procrastinator I am. Heh.

Anyway, on the subject of Nano, I might be adding some text in my sidebar that shows where I stand in comparison with my goal. So, right now it would look like this:

Nano goal: 15,000

Word count: 00,000

:P, I’d probably update it weekly or so. Maybe. You’re probably thinking I must be pretty confident to be so sure of everything and to hardly ever have any phrases like ‘maybe’ or ‘if I ever get around to it’ *that last sentence must be read with playful sarcasms, if you have any idea what I mean by that*.

Also, me and Gecko have started a new way for you to get content from us. But I’m not going say anything more, so watch Coll. Rand. for more details coming soon… maybe, sorta. Anyway, if we ever decide to announce it, you’ll hear it there first. Hmm, yay for teasers! Not really. Anyway, I guess I’ll talk to you later. Buh bye!


  1. Wow, Kitten, you are soooo decisive! So now that the first week of Nano is over, how are you doing?
    Next week, you know, I think we should try to squeeze a bit of actual schoolwork in, too. Yes?


  2. Yes I am :), and I so far have 5447 words, and I’m still going.the chapters are going quickly, but it’s hard to break them up properly in scrivener because there’s no pages.
    As for school… *Big, sad, brown puppy eyes*


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