100th Post, Writing, Nano, and Badges

Okay, I’m going to rush-talk cause I have a lotish to talk about. Ooh, lotish, that sounds interesting, LOTISH! XD Lottish is probably how you’d really spell it. Anyway, what I was going talk about:


Joking, I’m not going to rush through it that much. Anyway, so this is my hundredth post. Awesome, huh? Yeah, I feel so…. so…. okay, I got nothing. But I have some cool stuff planned out, sorta. Hundredth = 100th = uhm… I don’t know how else to write it, so useless random point over. Anyway, here’s what’ll (probably) be coming up soon:

Well, it’s November, and most people, at least those who have been reading my blog since around this time last year, can guess at what that means. Besides thanksgiving. FOOOOOOOD. :P, no, I’m talking about *drumroll*:


Uhm, yeah. So it’s coming up. Check it out if you like writing. It has a young writer’s program (ywp) here, and one for adults here. For the ywp you can adjust your word count, but for the adults your goal has to be 50,000 words. But yeah, it’s a whole month of rushed, non-edited writing in a race for your word count goal, and it’s loads of fun if you like writing — just don’t push yourself too hard. I myself am going for about 15,000 words. (I may tack on a bit, depends on how well it goes.) That’s what I did last year, and the year before that I did 10,000.

On the subject of that, I may be (depending on whether I get around to it :P) doing a sort of “writing tips” series, ’cause, you know, there’s not enough writing tips and stuff out there already *sarcasm a bit*. But no, it’s not really a writing tips thing, it’s more of me showing you how I get an idea for a book. I’ll be using my Nano book for an example.

So yeah, that’s my new thing for now that I have 100 (100+ soon) posts. Hope you enjoy it. Like I said, it’ll be more like me showing you how I put together a book. Hopefully you can understand it…. And also on the subject of new stuff in…. not sure “celebration” is quite the word I’m looking for, but I don’t know what else to call it…. celebration of having a 100+ posts:

100 posts badge!

Do you like? I made it myself :3 (note, the words in the background are mostly supposed to look cool; you don’t have to bother reading them)

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