Way Too Many Drafts

So, I realize I haven’t posted anything in a while. So I was trying make a new post and that wasn’t working, so I went to look at my drafts to see if I had anything started that I could finish. And I saw that I had ten drafts.

A couple are just something I put up to play around with, some are things from ages ago, like, 2011 Christmas. One even from early on in 2010. Yup, so just think, if I’d posted all those posts I’d have 112 posts on my blog.

Well, actually not quite, ’cause a couple of them weren’t made to be posted, they were just for me to test stuff in. If I got rid of those…

*minute later*

Okay, so closer to about 109 I think.

Anyway, so this is really a random post about nothing, I grabbed a post titled “. . .” from my drafts folder, and it was blank, so I just renamed it and started typing this in it. So now I only have 9 drafts, yay me.

And why would I write a post about my drafts? Same reason I write most my random stuff: Because I’m braindead and haven’t posted in a while and need something to talk about.

What a great first post for 2012… YAY!!! I’M 13 NOW!!! Like, a month late… Hmm, maybe I’ll just consider this a place holder in case I ever decide to write a special post as a first for 2012…

Nah, I probably just won’t do one.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll post again soon, about something that’s actually interesting… Anyway, bye!!!!

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