Yes, the title of this post is WOW! There are a few reasons:

  • Because the thing I’m going to talk about complete wows me.
  • Because I wanted it to be mysterious… OOH, SCARY!!
  • And because… because WOW:

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Yay for pretty pictures! But what could they be pretty pictures of? Me, my cat Cimorene, and:


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now a published author! I’ve been writing most of my life, and I’ve finally gone through and published. YAY!!

Special thanks to my Mom (A.K.A. my editor/publisher). Now, on to what it’s about:

Falsely accused of stealing a magic artifact, Chris is forced to leave home, never to return. As he and three friends travel toward the border, however, they are warned of great danger approaching the land. They set out to solve an ancient riddle — but will they be able to save the kingdom, or will the quest cost them their lives?

Okay, so here’s a few links:

For Kindle

For Paperback

And let me just say, when I opened that box and saw the first five copies, one of the first things I said was:
“I can see my face reflected in it.”

Not that that really matters…


  1. Teresa, I bought several copies of your new book. I finished reading “Banished” several days ago and really enjoyed it. I’m ready to get the next one. Have you started writing it yet?


  2. Your Uncle Damon had his copy before I even knew they were printed! I believe his comment was “It was pretty good!”


  3. I started the next one fairly soon after finishing the first one, I’m now almost to 12,000 words, and about to work on writing some more! Sorry it took so like for me to reply, tell him I said thanks 😀


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