How I Write Writing Tips #1

Okay, so, previously I started a series called “How I Write“.

Yeah, this is NOT that series. Notice the little strike-through in the title? And notice the part that isn’t struck through? Yup, this series is “Writing Tips”! No, it’s not about how to write tips ;).

I said previously that I didn’t see a point in doing a how-to-write series because there were so many out there. What I’m going do here is not only post tips but also link you to tips that I think are good. That way we’ll get a variety, because something that might work for Bob, might not work for Frank.

Now, this first episode will have both! A writing tip from me and lots of other writing tips, too. And where is it? No other place than the Young Writer Program of Nano. So here they are:

Ready, set, WRITE!!! Or not…

Sometimes it’s hard to get started. After all, a blank page is pretty scary. It’s kinda like a zombie—only instead of eating your brains, it eats your creativity. I wouldn’t be surprised if, second to writer’s block, a blank page was a writer’s worst enemy.

Okay, so let’s say you walk away from the blank page. If you were about to attempt killing a dragon, would you stand in front of said dragon thinking about it? NO! You’d hide from the dragon, and not come out until you knew what to do.

So, walk away, do something else. But while you’re doing that thing, think about your story. And when an idea comes to you, sit down and flesh it out in your mind. And when you’ve got that scene ready, run and put it on that blank page as quickly as you can. Don’t hesitate, don’t stare at the page, type it out. And then run around yelling about how you conquered the blank page.

Okay, so that last part is optional. – Princess Kitten

Click Here For The Full Page Of Advice!!

There’s a lot of different variety there. And the cool part? It’s all by young authors! So yeah, if you’re interested in writing, give that page a whirl. And also, if you want more advice, well scattered about Nano is tons! Pep talks, other pages of Y.A.A (Young Author Advice), writing work books and more. So, as I said, give it a whirl.

Now until next time, this has been Kitten, sharing some writing tips! *bows and flourishes hat, before disappearing in a cloud of paper*


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